Grand Rush Casino

Grand Rush Casino

Grand Rush Casino is one impressive site to visit, not least because of the imagery that supports its welcome offer at the top of its site. However, you'll want to explore way beyond that once you get to the casino, as there are many superb features and games to find there. If you're ready to take that journey with us, let's get underway.

Confirmation of their software developers

The homepage has a lot of information to read near the bottom. One of those sections includes mention of Betsoft, Rival, Nucleus Gaming, and Saucify, so you can expect to play games from all those developers.

Get a feel for the lobby from that first page too

The casino offers lots of information and guidance, but you can also expect to see the lobby categories on the homepage. These include slots, roulette, keno, and many other possibilities.

How long does it take to join the casino?

It shouldn't take long as they've provided a smooth signup process. If you check all your info as you enter it, you should create an account without any hassle.

Does Grand Rush Casino impose any signup restrictions?

The second section of the terms and conditions page covers the legal requirements for using the website. The minimum age is given as 18, unless you live somewhere that has a higher legal gambling age. You must also confirm whether you live in a location that allows online gambling.

Lots of games from every developer on offer at the casino

There is a real mix of games that makes this casino a good one to check out further. You won't see the full collection before signing up, but it is ideal to explore for a while to get a sense of what might be to come.

Read more about slot games at Grand Rush Casino

While the lobby categories are on the homepage, and you can select one of those to explore, you'll only see a series of headings telling you more about their games. You must sign up to see all the slots available at this casino.

Should you expect to see any free games to play?

This could occur, but it has already become clear that the freebies would only be accessible for members of the casino.

Check the bets if you intend to play any real games

You should find a range of coins inside each game - or at least most of them - so make sure the minimum bet for each one suits you before you begin.

New slot games should be frequent arrivals

Is there a category for them? No, but we did notice a starry label that said new on one of the recent arrivals, so we guess you'll easily be able to identify them when they do arrive in any category.

How do they fare on the promotions front?

If it is important to you that you find lots of promotions at a casino, we think you'll like what you find at Grand Rush Casino. Aside from the welcome deal you'll see when you arrive, the promotions page has a little of everything. They even had some Minis (yes, the car) available as prizes in one of their events. There are so many deals - and plenty that are always changing - that you really should make that page your first one to check out when you arrive.

What about some tournaments?

There are no tournaments as such, but there are lots of competitions - and you can find all those on the promotions page. We also noticed a leaderboard for a seasonal competition, so that's about as close as you'll get to this kind of feature.

No news of any big casino winners

We rarely see this at online casinos, and it seems that Grand Rush is following that trend.

Does Grand Rush have a rewards program?

Among all the links and pages about promos and similar deals at the casino, we failed to find a VIP club link or anything similar.

You won't need an app if you head there via a mobile device

The site looks excellent no matter which device you view it on, so you can try it on mobile and see whether that suits you better.

Make sure you register before you attempt to play

If you don't, you'll be prompted to log in anyway, so this is a necessary step before you do anything like this.

Is this an instant play casino?

Yes, there are no download links anywhere in sight.

Will you join the Graphite Affiliates program?

It's only necessary if you think you can refer interested parties to the casino in the hope of earning a commission. Find the link at the bottom of the site under the home heading and go from there.

No sporting services provided at Grand Rush Casino

That's about it on that topic.

Hit the news tab in the lower menu to find some blog posts to read

The news heading takes you to the blog, which is a rare feature at lots of online casinos, so it was refreshing to find an active one at their website.

Lots of live dealer games to find

You can view all the game categories listed at the bottom of their site, and none of them lead to any live games. However, if you go into the main menu at the top of the site, there is a separate area for live dealers, so it's a little out of the way but you can play those games there.

Depositing solutions for this casino

Their deposit options are listed as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Bitcoin. They offer a bonus back pledge too, so it might be worth reading about that via the deposit page at the foot of the site.

Access the cashier to make a withdrawal

You'll need to follow all the required steps, and you must be logged in to reach the cashier, but the team is ready to assist if you get stuck.

Bitcoin is cool to see - and it might trigger another bonus too

Head to the promotions page if you are thinking about using Bitcoin to deposit with at the casino. It provides you with at least one Bitcoin deposit offer.

There are lots of ways to get some help at Grand Rush Casino

Among them you've got live chat, along with other ways to contact them. The website itself also has a ton of information via the blog and various promo and news pages, so it's great to just explore for a while too.