There is no gaming software provider in the world who can claim as much as Microgaming can. Their motto " together we are the game" really holds true when you learn more about this incredible company which has been in existence for over a decade and is based in the Isle of Man. Microgaming supports over 120 casinos and more than 40 poker rooms with its wide range of casino games and Poker network. It also offers an extensive progressive network with an impressive range of progressive slots and other games. The Microgaming Company is built in such a way that they can respond quickly to market changes in order to stay ahead in the gaming market. This was proved once again with their quick response to Smartphone gaming where their most popular games were quickly and efficiently adapted to suit the majority of the Smartphone’s include iPhones and Androids.

Responsible and Up to Date

Microgaming is a big advocate of Responsible Gaming and this can be seen at every one of their casinos and poker rooms where they dedicate a whole section to responsible gaming and endorsing it. As the creator and supplier of some of the top branded games in the industry Microgaming also offer an extensive and around the clock customer support and service which is available through live support email and phone links. In addition they offer training and supervision to new and developing casinos. Microgaming have also been the initiators of some of the most ingenious tournaments and promotions in the industry including the grand Slam of Tournaments which involved top slots games and many of the Microgaming casinos with prize money in the thousands. To summarize, the creativity and attention to detail that is offered by Microgaming is matched with the fantastic customer service and of course research and development department that they concentrate on.

Best Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming new slots prove just how far this software developer has come

Microgaming slots have always been a lot of fun to play. However, they’re much like games from other providers in that you can tell the differences between old and new ones. The newer slots feature better graphics, sharper images, and lots of bonuses and additions you may never have thought of in older games. Sure, they still release some classics now and again that keep things simple. But you can bet Microgaming new slots will garner a huge audience and some eager players wanting to try them for size. Will you be among them?

Be sure you always look out for Microgaming bonuses you can claim

Everyone wants to get the most out of their casino membership, whether they’re a member of one or many more. Since there are lots of casinos out there that are built on Microgaming software, it would make sense there are thousands of players looking for Microgaming bonuses to use at those casinos. But how do you find them? The best method is always to make sure you visit the Microgaming-powered casinos you’re a member of as often as you can. It means you can check their promotions pages and confirm whether there are any new bonuses you can claim and enjoy on those sites. You can also look online by using a search engine, since these turn up some interesting Microgaming bonuses you might otherwise have missed. And you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything, would you?

What kinds of prizes are offered in Microgaming tournaments?

You’ve got the opportunity to scoop some impressive prizes whenever you play in a slots tournament. Some offer far bigger cash prizes than others, but it depends how they are developed. Some have a fixed jackpot, i.e. $10,000, whereas others will pay the pot to the winner. The pot could be any amount of money since it comes from the buy-ins paid by those taking part.

Microgaming tournaments might also offer other prizes, but cash prizes are by far the most common. Sometimes, a tourney might offer the biggest prize to the winner, followed by runners-up prizes to the second- and third-placed people. And if you get lucky, there could be other prizes worth winning as well.