Play Slots For Fun Or For Prizes

Did you know there are 100s of slot games you can try out just for the fun of it? While you can play lots of games by placing real bets on them to try and win prizes, this doesn't always suit everyone.

If you haven't played any slot games yet and you're wondering what to do, read our suggestions on why you might want to go one way or the other. Which route will prove best for you?

Playing for fun

Playing slots for fun means you will never win any real prizes. You'll be given 'play credits' to use to play the game. If you get a winning combination, you'll win the correct amount of credits for that win. You cannot withdraw these, but you can use them to get more spins.

This is the ideal route to take if you've found a new slot and you want to see if you like it before placing any proper bets on it. They are also good to play if you just want some entertainment. Another reason people try them is to see how a slot works, if they've never played anything like it before.

Playing for prizes

Are you looking to have some fun and have the chance to win some real prizes? Playing slots for real prizes will put you among the many players who have some fun with these games each day. However, you should only ever play with cash you are happy to lose if things don't go your way. Never chase your losses and never play with money you cannot afford to lose.

Lots of people set themselves a small budget to enjoy these games with. If you do the same, there is always the chance you might win something far greater in value than you ever thought you would. And if that doesn't happen, you can still hope for smaller prizes. That's part of the fun - not knowing what will happen next.

Is one better than the other?

No - it just depends why you want to play slots in the first place. Some people mix the two. They play with their allocated slots budget each month. They also play a few new games in demo mode to see what they are like. Once their budget runs out, they might switch to freeplay for fun too. How will you play?