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Catch of the Day Slots

Most casino slot games are designed to take real money wagers. Most of those wagers are returned to players in prize money. Of course, those facts relate to the lifetime of a slot game, not to any specific session or day. With an opportunity to make money from their games by taking a small cut from all the bets placed on it, it would seem odd that a software developer might make their games available to try for nothing. But there are reasons for this, as we are about to see.

If you play for free, you might eventually play for real

This is what software developers are hoping will happen. If they didn’t allow demo play, they would likely see fewer people trying their games. It sounds counterproductive to offer free games when they want people to play for real, but it isn’t. Many people want to try a game for themselves before they bet on it. Certainly, you could make one or two real wagers to see what a game is like before deciding whether to continue or quit. But it often takes much longer to see how a game plays out before deciding if it is the one for you. If you see a demo, you are more likely to give the game a try when you might otherwise have avoided it.

Free demo play allows more players to try games than would otherwise be possible

Some people may have no desire to ever make real bets on casino games. They may only want to play for a bit for entertainment. Most will never go beyond that point. However, a small number of those players might eventually create a small budget to play these games. They might have a few favorites they are willing to try with a few dollars every month. Some people approach gaming like a pastime, and therefore sink some cash into it – cash they are happy to lose if that is the way things go. Some might play slots as if they were lotto tickets, devoting a few dollars a week to those games instead of to the lottery. The thrill of winning even a few cents at a time is real for some. That’s why these software developers usually make free versions of their games available. Even if not all games are available as demos, many are, and now you know why.