Virtual Reality Slots

Can you imagine being able to step into a slot game to experience its surroundings and meet the characters involved? Can you imagine actively spinning the reels and looking around you to see where you are?

Well, you don't need to imagine it any longer. Virtual reality slot games are gradually making inroads into online casinos. While they are rare at present, there are some notable titles released by big name providers. Gonzo's Quest VR has been released in summer 2018 by NetEnt - a big name in the business.

So, why might these games become the new in-thing?

They contain all the elements of traditional slots

Everything you love about a regular slot game will be present in VR slots as well. It takes some getting used to regarding moving around inside the game, but the building blocks are much the same. That sense of familiarity should draw people in for a closer look.

They will make bonus features more exciting to play

Imagine triggering a bonus round and stepping inside a pyramid to look for prizes. The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing the bonus features for players to enjoy.

Let's say a bonus round usually involves going into a mine, choosing a mine cart, and following it to its destination (hopefully to win a prize). Can you imagine how much more exciting that would be if you found yourself inside the mine, choosing which direction to go in before hopping into the mine cart? We think most players would love triggering bonuses like these.

They represent the next natural step from the games we love today

Remember when 3D slots were the next big thing? They caught on in a huge way. Nowadays, barely a week goes by without one or two new 3D slots being released. They look superb and they make it easier to immerse yourself in the world of a slot game.

Virtual reality takes this to its natural conclusion. Sure, most people may not have access to the equipment to make VR slots a commonplace occurrence just yet. However, that could change as time goes by. The more software developers start creating virtual reality games for us to play, the more likely it is more people will invest in the equipment needed to play them. It could be another giant step into the future of gaming.