Gonzo’s Quest Slots

You have probably heard of Gonzo’s Quest. This is one of the highlights of the NetEnt collection of slot games. It has lots of fans and its appealing theme and presentation make it good to play. But now there’s a virtual reality version too. Why should you give it a try?

Virtual reality makes Gonzo’s world more immersive

The great thing about this game is you can look around you – all 360 degrees. Of course, you’ll want to focus your attention on the reels themselves, but it is quite exciting to look around and see the parrot flying about and Gonzo wandering around in front of the reels. If you win something, you can bet Gonzo will help you celebrate.

The graphics make the game more exciting to play

Many 3D slots already have some impressive graphics involved. When you elevate that to the next level by transferring that world into virtual reality, you can experience the game in a different way.

Gonzo’s Quest has always been a great slot game, and it makes a natural choice for a virtual reality version to be developed. Instead of seeing a fixed point in that world, you get to see all of it. Gonzo has more movement too, wandering around, celebrating wins with you, and performing various other actions.

If you played the original slot, this one is still familiar

We suspect fans of the classic Gonzo’s Quest game will want to check out this version of it. It was always a good game to play, and this one is even better. It builds on a strong platform and gives us a window into that world.

This slot may have a limited audience purely through a lack of equipment to play it. However, those who can access it might well love everything they see. The original premise of the game is also good enough to attract new players to try this version of the title. We suspect that is why NetEnt chose this game to have the VR treatment.

If you are keen to play something different, this game could well offer what you have been looking for. It still functions as a regular slot, just in a more immersive way. You can enjoy the gameplay far more easily than you may have before. There is enough here to please most people, so if you do get the chance to play, make sure you do so.