Vegas Rush No Deposit Bonus Codes

There is Vegas. There are rushes and then there is VegasRush Casino, a one of a kind online casino with all the bells and whistles. For those who are not familiar with this brand, Vegas Rush Casino has been making online gamblers happy since 2016. There are many reasons why these members are happy here. For starters, they give you a virtual simulation of the Las Vegas experience, complete with all the flash, glitz and glamour. There are even neon lights. One reason why they continue to maintain a strong following is due to the strength of their games which is powered by Rival and Betsoft, two premiere gaming engine in the online casino scene.

Besides the tremendous swath of games, which we will be talking about throughout the course here, Vegas Rush Casino, is also about loyalty. Loyalty is so prized here, they offer five unique VIP levels for their most loyal members. And to help give you that old time, Vegas feel, each level is in the honor of a famous Hollywood legend or Vegas performer. The levels consists of the Dean club, where you will given a dedicated host on top of monthly insurance on your deposits and other nice goodies. The Sammy Davis Jr. club also comes with a host, monthly deposit insurance and a weekly cashback. The Wayne Newton club level where you can once again expect a dedicated host, higher weekly cashback bonuses to go along with tailored bonuses and deposits. Frank Sinatra has his level too which comes with higher table limits among other things. Elvis Presley is the king of the crop with his own VIP level.

But there is a lot more to Vegas Rush Casino. If you want to know what Vegas Rush Casino, then check out the promotions starting with the super duper welcome package for new members. And of course, VIP members have special promotions for them as well, depending on which level they are on. There are also a nice segment of cashback and monthly promotions which we will talk about more in detail a bit later on.

Viva Las Vegas With The Best Slots To Play

Make no mistake about it, the ultimate rush when it comes to Vegas Rush Casino, are their premiere slot games. Some of the best slot games on the menu, includes Caishan's Arrival, an Asian themed game that puts the spotlight on the Chinese folklore God of Wealth. What makes this title one of the best slot games to play here at Vegas Rush Casino, is how serene it is and very colorful it is. Then again, it is a product of Betsoft gaming, so it comes with the territory. Caishen is the wild symbol in the game, and of course will bless you with double the wins when he lands. But what puts this slot game over the top is him serving as full wild reel, on top of the free spins round and the bonus coin purse scatter.

The Golden Owl Of Athena is a premiere slot game, it offers you the opportunity to step into the world of Greek mythology. All things Athena are displayed here, including her famous, golden owl. This blockbuster slot game has it all, including a heavenly free spins round where you can play up to 20 free spins. Plus after each spins, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins with the correct choosing of the coin flip. If you can' get enough of the owl, then he will keep you coming back for more, for the more of them that lands on the pay line, the greater the winning multiplier will become.

The Vikings make their presence felt when it comes to Viking Voyage, one of the newest and already best slot games to play here at Vegas Rush Casino. Right away, you are brought in as one of the crew, as you set sail on their boat with loot and plunder. This animated wonder will test whether or not you have the guts, or the stones for that matter to win it big here. One of the things that puts this five reel game over the top, is the notion of the 243 ways to play here. All of the game symbols resembles that of the Viking, including the battle ax. You can expect the Viking king to be the wild symbol in the game where strong and conquering wins will be coming your way. He also conquers the reels as an expanding wild. This powerful and popular slot features a sea worthy bonus round where you play with a bevy of free spins. On top of that, you have the raven sending you Odin's wishes with extra bonuses. On top of that, you will have the option to try to double up your wins by risking some of your winnings.

If you have a strong love for gems and diamonds along with the renaissance period, then the best slot game for you at Vegas Rush Casino, is Giovanni's Gems. This slick, 3D, state of the art game is a powerhouse here at Vegas Rush Casino. As you pick out the right gems to land on the reels, you will get to see Giovanni, hanging out on the reels. One unique feature to this game which puts it head and shoulders above the other games, is the advent of cluster wins. Watch the coal turn into diamonds for larger and bigger wins. Again, the more of an icon that lands on the reel, the bigger the cluster win, and this is quite apparent when it comes to the sack of gems and diamonds. When you win, the icons will explode in a cluster win, where new symbols will drop in for larger wins. The free spins even comes in cluster chunks as well. In fact, you can get up to 50 free spins with a greater winning multiplier.

One of the best slots on the roster here at Vegas Rush Casino, is Blood Eternal, a highly charged, supernatural themed slot game. What makes this slot game one of the best ones to play, is that it combines the power and the influence of the mythical vampires along with the werewolves along with ordinary humans. The interplay between these characters provides an extra rush and thrill when certain icons lands on the reels. And of course, the bats drop in and make their presence felt by serving up some interesting and hauntingly good winning multipliers when they land on the reels. The vampire free spins will have you wanting to take that powerful bite that is, which puts this game over the top as one of the top games to play. Depending on which falls on the reels will help to determine the wild symbols and other important winning multipliers.

If you care to make a nice and lovely pizza pie, then you will soon learn why Mamma Mia is one of the most popular and beloved slot games on the gaming roster here at Vegas Rush Casino. Don't just eat the pizza pie, but win along the way as you help Salvatore make the best dish of his life to appease the art critics. And as you play along, you are treated to Salvatore cooking and chopping up his fine ingredients. Enjoy the tremendous pizza pie slices when you play in the free spins. Also, enjoy picking the right meal that is for you when it comes to pick me food feature.

Surprisingly enough, the pirate themed game, Barbary Coast, is a major game here and a fan favorite here at Vegas Rush Casino. All things and everything pirate is on display on this great slot game. All the game icons resemble the tough and chiseled world of the pirate. As you summon up the courage to walk the planks here, you will be taken away with the numerous bonus rounds that Barbary Coast has to offer which helps to put it in a special category among the slot games here at Vegas Rush Casino. One of those is the fight bonus where a mutiny is a foot on the Captain's boat. Blackbeard will have to hold the fort along the way. Can you hold your liquor? Another reason why Barbary Coast is so popular, is due to the drinking contest bonus round. There is also the free spins bonus round where you might have to walk the plank.

The great Asian themed game, Fa Fa Twins keeps the members here coming back for more. Quite simply, you get treated to the lovely child twins hanging out on the reels. It comes with 243 ways to win. You have explosive and cute wins including the twins. The official game logo is the wild symbol where wins are always done up nice. One great feature to this popular game is that those who play it, enjoy the dual reels. Basically, on each spin, you can count on two reels being identical which can help boost your winning chances. Going the extra mile, throwing in the opportunity to risk doubling up your wins after any spin, helps put the Fa Fa Twins over the top.

The greatest magician is on the menu with True Illusions, a top of the line slot game where the master magician is up to his grand tricks. One of the best tricks in this game, pun intended, is that the wild symbol will also act as an expanding wild turning the entire reel wild. Enjoy the best magic show in the free spins round where the wins that you achieve will cascade down to help foster in new winning combinations. The first winning combination will in fact vanish before your eyes so that the new one will form right before your eyes as well. Are you ready to pick the card? Well that's exactly what you will be doing in the pick a card feature where the card you pick will lead to an instant bonus and win.

As you can see, the list is seemingly endless when it comes to the best slot games available here at Vegas Rush Casino. The genres of these games run the gambits from Asian themed ones, to science fiction, culinary, travel and a whole lot more. Even better, Vegas Rush Casino is adding new games to the roster which is guaranteed to become a new best game to keep you coming here at Vegas Rush Casino.

If you are into walking through a magical, enchanted forest, then discover why Faerie Spells, is one of the best slot games to play here at Vegas Rush Casino. Prepare to step into a magical world of faeries and other worldly magic. There is even a nice soundtrack to help motivate you along this quest. Magic is the center piece, so all the game icons resemble this mood. You can magic mushrooms to pay out in a big way, along with the enchanted forest wild. Even the free spins here are magical, which are brought on by the lovely faerie. The magic mushroom is part of the extra bonus round which delivers even more rewards. But what makes Faerie Spells, one of the best games to play, is the fact that it has four different jackpots with its own set of rewards and valuables. The number of jackpot symbols will eventually add up to reward you one of the four jackpot symbols. Also, this game comes with 1,024 ways to pay. After every win, you have the opportunity to try to double up your wins. One more note on the free spins, is that when you play them, it will come with its own set of icons that pays out a significant amount.

Who needs the world of Warcraft when you have Ogre Empire, another top tier and upper echelon slot game on the docket here at Vegas Rush Casino. What makes this game quite special in the hearts of those who play it, is that it takes you into the heart of medieval times. This game features an innovative game play, one for the day and one for the night. If you choose the day mode, you will play with certain unique symbols. There is a special wild that can encourage several other symbols to turn wild. And if you are in the daytime, prepare for the ogre smash, where several reels will get smashed so that new ones can come in and help you win. If you choose the night mode, certain symbols will stand out against the others which will lead to further wins. And in the night, the night flower will impact the reels, turning other symbols wild too. And of course, whether you are playing day or night, you will have the chance to double up your wins with the correct calling of the coin flip.

The score of a lifetime awaits you with the Heist, another acclaimed slot game at Vegas Rush. Here, this five reel game sets the stage for the score of a lifetime. You take on the mantle of Neil, the master bank robber who must break into the vault before the determined detective catches up to him. What makes this game, one of the best ones to play, are the numerous bonus rounds, including the glass cutter feature where you must choose the right tools to break in. The explosive free spins round that is guaranteed to give you more bang for your buck. And of course, the power of the scatters which can drop some serious winning multipliers. There is even a bonus round where the reels turn completely wild.

The Slotfather parts one and two, are two all time greats where both slots simply makes you an offer you can't refuse, winning. Both of these games, of course, are based on the popular Godfather brand of movies. In both of these games, the vintage of crime is one of the ultimate lures which keeps people coming back for more. The mafia dons are also in full effect and support. The bonuses of course are over the top, including the free spins round where you can play with up to 20 free spins with some serious winning multipliers. Going the extra mile of the mafia don, there is the big boss bonus round where instant prizes are waiting for you. We told you these games at bonus rounds. What continues to make the Slotfather parts one and 2, all time favorites, are the numerous bonus rounds. In addition, there is the gangster re spins feature where one of the gangsters will occupy an entire column, and it is held in place while the other reels are spun for bigger and better rewards. The gangster feature focuses on you getting your cut of the action. Pick a spot on the table to reveal your cut.

The Power Of Vegas Rush Slots Keeps On Rushing In

It's time now to get a little more intimate with some of these slot games. We told you that these games covers a wide swath of genres, even one in the superhero realm. When it comes to Spinfinity Man, you get the chance to save the day by protecting the metropolis from the clutches of evil. Who needs Clark Kent when you have Spinfinity Man on the job full time. This game is all ways pay game that implements the power of the cluster. Simply put, your wins are magnified to a superhuman level when the right combinations of icons land on the reels in mass. When you win, the combination icons will explode to make way for new icons to come in and land.

Spinfinity is the man of the hour. He is the main wild symbol in the game which is always nice to save the day. He also comes with a lot of super powers to save the day. Depending on the one that lands, will determine your rewards or cluster rewards. Right away, you have the single laser beam which will burn away two rows or two columns. You also have the double laser beam where which will sear away either two rows or two columns for extra rewards. And just like Superman, you have the icy blast function which will blow and shatter away an icon near him. The double icy blast will blow and shatter away two icons beside it. Then you have the powers of telepathy when it comes to the telepathy version of Spinfinity Man. In this case, he will remove a certain type of icons from the reels.

Spinfinity is also very strong in the bonus rounds category. One important bonus round involves the fan girl. Here, after each cluster win that explodes, her excitement will grow. When you have five of these, you will then play this special bonus round. Here, a great amount of symbols will explode to help to your winning ways. And every great superhero has a super villain. And this is the case when it comes to the troublesome Mr. X.

Mr. X comes in all different forms. Depending on the one that lands on the reels, will determine the impact of the wins. He is also the basis for his own diabolical bonus round, the villain trail. Simply put, when he lands on the reels, he will add on to the trail, then disappear so that new icons can come in and land on the reels. When you catch totally up to the trail, you will commence an epic free spins for all the marbles. When you do get to the free spins round, there are different types of Mr. X that will land on the reels. The one with the laser cannon will blow away either two reels or two columns. If he unleashes the bomb, he will blow away a series of cells. His powerful x ray will remove a certain type of symbol on the icons. After that you have super wilds which will do super wonders to your winning combinations. Again, the goal is to get a high value icon to land in a cluster for super rewards. Right on the game screen, you have everything you need to become the super hero you were meant to become. There is an auto play button and an options button on top of that.

Prepare To Take The Bank

Crime is the name of the game when it comes to Take The Bank, a new and powerful slot game. The stage is set with this game for you to make the biggest score of your life. The problem is, you will need to break into the bank to do so. All the tools of the trade are made available in this five reel game where you must endeavor to break into the bank. In fact, every time you spin the reels, you get a nice view of the bank that is waiting to be looted. A unique feature of this game, is that it is played in series of 10. What this means is, that every time you spin the reels, the master bomb meter will countdown from 10 to zero. In this case, the robber symbols will then become bombs which in turn will turn wild. When it comes to the wild, the main robber is the wild symbol in the game. It will double your wins every time it lands. It will replace of the symbols except for the bombs and the scatter symbols.

When it comes to the free spins, the police cars is the key to getting into there. You will need to get at least three of them to land. The free spins round will start you off with 15 of them. The wilds in free spins mode will be moved all about to help boost your chances of winning. And of course, every time you win, you will have the opportunity to risk your winnings to try to double up. This will require you to correctly guess the coin flip. And if you are growing impatient to getting into the free spins round, you can buy your way in. Besides the goodies, you have everything you need to take the bank. You can always spin the reels on your own, or you can use the auto play feature to get the reels spinning. Speaking of which, the tools of the trade are the same for getting your bet right when it comes to the coin size buttons and the pay line arrows. You can review the pay table and the icons on the whim with the info button. You can also adjust the game settings too. To win, you will need to get three of a like icon to land on the reels.

Fire And Steel

The effervescent and looming world of fantasy, is just a spin away when it comes to Fire And Steel. The darkness is overwhelming. It is up to two fearless warriors to restore order in this cinematic wonder with dragons. There is a male warrior and a female warrior. This game also involves the aspect of cluster wins as the swordsman and the female warriors hang out on the reels. Both of the warriors are wild symbols in the game, doubling your wins when they land . But, they also serve a special function in the game. When either one of them lands, they will give off a beam. The beam will turn the icons it touches wild. Now if both of these warriors land, they will also give off an intersecting beam. At which point, you will then play into the free spins round. Specifically, you will begin with 10 free spins. At the point of intersection, will be the wild symbol to help boost your wins.

There are many high value symbols in the game. The crown is the crowning glory. Five of this hefty crown will payout a king's ransom with 250 credits. The two shields will pay out nicely as well. You can get up to 150 credits for filling an entire row with the shields. The magic book, the chalice, helmet and dagger are the other icons. You must get as many of them to land on the reels to form a big cluster win. Like most of Betsoft games, you have all that you need to have an epic win in the world of fantasy. Also, after each win, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins by risking some of your wins. There is a spin button and max bet button where you can easily adjust the reels to get going. There are of course coin size buttons and pay line arrows to get the precise bet, or you can press the max spin button to handle all that for you in one fell swoop.

Paris At Night - After Night Falls

Who wouldn't want to visit the world famous and romantic city of Paris? Well now's your chance to get the virtual experience of a lifetime with After Night Falls, a crime theme game where Paris' most famous sleuth must catch up with a notorious burglar. This game has moving wilds and interesting bonus rounds. There are many interesting characters on the reels, including the detective who will pay out up to 250 credits for getting an entire row of him on the pay line. The curious cat isn't too far behind with 150 credits for five of this cat on the reels. Jewelry, cameras, and televisions are the other icons.

The free spins here are quite opulent, featuring many types of free spins to play with. The more scatters that you land on the reels, will determine the number of free spins you will play with. Three scatters will get you started with 10 free spins. Four will produce 15 and five of them will shell out 25 free spins. As an added bonus to the free spins round, After Night Falls, features a winning multiplier that ranges from two times to 10 times.

When it comes to the moving wilds feature, every time you land a magnifying glass, it will act as a special wild and it will create free spins as long as it is on the screen. The room feature will have you choosing which door to break into to steal clues from getting caught. And of course, after every win, you will have the opportunity to try to double up your wins by risking half or more of your winnings. You will have to guess whether the coin flip will either wind up as heads or tails. There is also the stacked collapsing wilds which can lead to even larger winning multipliers that can be as three times.

But, there is still the grandma bonus round. Grandma is tires of being ripped off and burglarized which is why the detective must search her home for the right clues to apprehend the master burglar. The more evidence and clues you collect, the more extra prizes you will win. As a standard for Betsoft games, the power to spin the reels is all yours, or you can use the auto play feature to sit back and watch the master sleuth apply the wheels of justice. You can adjust the game setting to your liking as well.

Become The Ultimate Gladiator

You've seen the film and now you want your shot at glory. When it comes to Gladiator slots, fame fortune, blood and money are all there in the virtual sand, waiting for the taking. This five reel game takes you right into the arena to the tune of the roaring crowd. The princess is the wild symbol in the game. If she falls on the first position on the second, third and fourth reels, she will shower you with her grace with the wild 2 feature. In this case, she will throw out rose pedals below her. When the pedals touch the icons below, it will turn them into wild symbols.

The gladiator stays tall and proud through and through. During regular game play, he will reward you with a hero's purse of 400 credits for his conquest. When he lands on the third reel, you will commence the gladiator smash wild reel feature. When you begin this feature, a marble slab will cover the entire third reel. The gladiator will then come out and smash this slab, then turning it completely wild.

There is also a click me feature. In this regard, you will choose a door to reveal your prize. You can keep on choosing until you come across the door that says collect. Now of course, what would a gladiator game be like without a fight to the death. Welcome to the prepare for battle feature. From the jump, you will choose your gladiator to fight to the death against your foe. Once you do so, all you have to do is sit back and watch the this legendary battle unfold. You can score extra bonus credits when your opponent blocks your attacks. And as long as you win, you will keep on fighting for more rewards and bonuses. Be aware, each fight is different than the one before.

As you prepare to do battle, sit back and enjoy the heroic battle music to get your blood pumping. To score the critical victory that you need, you will need to get a set of three of the same icon from the left of the reel to the right. All you need to do to win this epic battle is right on the game screen. You can always use the spin button to place your own bets or use the auto play feature to set them up in advance. You can also adjust the soundtrack and other pertinent things pertaining to the game.

The Power Of No Deposit Codes

No deposit codes are quite nice to be honest. It gives current members and prospective members the best of both worlds. No deposit codes allows you to play games, most usually slot games, for free, for a certain amount of time, or by a certain amount. Keep an eye out for third party, no deposit bonus codes to see what is in store for you. When you find the code, enter it at the cashier and enjoy the show. There is also bonus terms involved with it before you can cash out.

Free Money Is Always Nice

It's always nice to get some free money, especially to use on one the great games here at Vegas Rush Casino. There are many ways to make this happen, mostly through the promotions that are available. The bonuses often comes with matching bonuses that will give you a certain amount of free money. For instance, for new members, you will receive up to a $1,000 worth of free money with a 250% matching bonus on your first deposit. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is VEGAS250.

The free money bonuses continue to surge when it comes to the select VIP members. Your second deposit will reward you with even more free money with a 300% matching bonus. The code to enter at the cashier is VEGAS300. As we told you, the free money for VIP members keeps on rolling with your very third deposit in the form of 350% matching bonus that rewards you with free money. The code to enter is VEGAS350. Last but not least, there is the whopping 400% matching bonus of free money. The code to enter at the cashier is VEGAS400.

How you make a deposit, matters here at Vegas Rush Casino. In fact, it can make the difference as to whether or not you will receive some additional free money. If you make your deposits with American Express, some additional goodies are coming your way in the form of a 500% matching bonus on your deposits, or you can opt for a 200% no rules bonus on your deposits if you deposit at least $50. You will need to get in touch with the customer staff after you make deposits of this nature.

The free money keeps on finding its way through here at Vegas Rush Casino. There is the 300% matching deposit bonus. Likewise, there is the 370% version and the 400% version. All of these are based on how much you deposited. The codes to start using them are QBD300, QBD370, and QBD400. Be aware of the bonus terms and the promotional requirements involved with them.

And you guessed it, there is still more free money bonuses to be found here at Vegas Rush Casino. Experience the Vegas Rush Hour with the 100% no max bonus. The bonus code is VEGASRUSH100. The Vegas City Special steps up to the plate with a 375% free money bonus on your deposits. The code for this is VEGASCITY375.

The Vegas Wonder offers a 350% matching bonus if you deposit $50 or more. And depending on how much you deposit on the weekend will determine the percentage of free money you will receive on the weekends. If you deposit at least $35, you will get back 325% worth of free money. If you deposit at least $100, then you will enjoy a 375% bonus. The codes for these are VEGAS325 and VEGAS375. And every month, there is always a little something extra to help make things worthwhile. More free money is coming your way while winter is still around. There is the 400% deposit that will match a certain amount of your deposits each month. The code to be entered in is WINTER400. Not to be overlooked is the 150% no rules bonus where you have a minimum deposit of at least $50. Feel the rush with the bonus code, RUSH150. Last but not least, there is the grandiose, 300% matching bonus for the hit game, Dragon And Phoenix. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is DRAGON300.

Don't Forget About The Free Chips

Another great way to get free money is through free chips. Vegas Rush Casino, offers many different types of free chips to keep you busy. To help you feel welcome, right off the top of the bat, you will enjoy a free chip worth $75. You can use it on your favorite slot game, or many of the great table games.

In fact, free chips, are usually applied to table games, because table games tends to incur higher bets. Classic blackjack is a popular destination to apply your free chips. In addition to classic blackjack, you have single deck blackjack and European blackjack. There is also a lot of roulette games where you can also apply your free chips here too. You have America, European, Zoom and French Roulette. There is even Cannon Draw Roulette. Other games where you can apply the free chips, includes craps, baccarat, and many great poker tittles like Red Dog Poker and Pai Gow. There is also a strong compliment of video poker titles where you can apply your free chips to. Deuces Wild and Joker Poker are but a few of the titles available here.

But there is still more free chips available here at Vegas Rush Casino. If you are in the Dean Martin Vip Club, there is an extra free chip worth $50, waiting for you. In fact, the other VIP levels comes with their own free chip bonuses. On the Sammy Davis Jr. level, the free chip increases to $100. Wayne Newton welcomes with a free chip in the amount of $250. Old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra stays true with a free chip worth $500. And the king, Elvis Presley, bring it on home with a $1,000 worth of free chips.

But there is still more free chips here at Vegas Rush Casino. Again, if you've made your deposit with American Express, you have some free chips coming your way. There is the $100 free chip if you've deposited with American Express. You will have to get in touch with the customer support team to make sure this free chip bonus works for you. And if you fancy yourself a prospective gold miner, you will find many more free chip promotions coming your way. Deposit at least $35 to unlock the free chip promo worth $35. The code to enter at the cashier is QBD35. Deposit at least $70 to earn the $70 free chip. The code for this is QBD70. Last but not least, you have the $100 free chip bonus with the bonus code QBD100. Feel the Vegas wonder with a $75 free chip when you deposit at least $50. WONDER75 is the bonus code.

And every month, you can look forward to a certain amount of free chips too. While winter is around, take advantage of the $50 free chip. The bonus code to enter into is WINTER50. And if you are into the hit slot game, Dragon And Phoenix, there is a special $75 free chip waiting for you. PHOENIX75 is the bonus code.

So How Exactly Do You Get A Bonus Code?

You can get a bonus code, right here on the website for Vegas Rush Casino. You can also go to third party websites to find these bonus codes too. Once you have the bonus codes, head to the cashier and enter it in.

How Do You Play For Free?

Again, you can get a sort of form of free play when it comes to the matching bonuses. The matching bonuses will a lot you a certain amount of free play, because you have some extra cash on hand. When it comes to the table games, the free chips helps to fill in that role. Another way to get some free play in, are the free spins. Free spins are good for a certain amount of value to be used on all the slot games, or a certain slot game. Be aware of the promotional terms and the bonus requirements for these bonuses so you can get the most out of them. You must adhere to them, because you won't be able to withdrawal money from them, otherwise.

There Are Bitcoin Bonuses Too

Bitcoin is a major option to get into the game here at Vegas Rush Casino. If you make your deposit with Bitcoin, there is a 400% matching bonus as a special thank you. You will need to deposit at least $50 to make this work. The bonus code to enter is BITCOIN400. If you deposit $100 or more, there is a higher Bitcoin bonus that takes the shape of a 500% matching bonus. The code for this, is BITCOIN500, and you're off to the races.

Making Your Deposits Is Easy

Have no fear, Vegas Rush Casino offers you many ways for you to get into the game. You can of course use the major credit cards, Visa, American Express and MasterCard. Standard procedure like most online casinos, is that you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. There are minimum deposits involved with credit cards. Normally, there are no transaction fees involved. Deposits are processed instantly.

And of course, Bitcoin, as we mentioned earlier, is a major way to make a deposit. Bitcoin continues to make news everyday because it is a digital currency that runs on its own technology. To use Bitcoin, you will need to use a Bitcoin wallet. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there to choose from. Once you have done so, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier to choose your method and your amount. In addition to regular Bitcoin, you have the usage of Bitcoin Cash to get into the game. Bitcoin Cash works under the Bitcoin umbrella, but you also have the opportunity to use it on behalf of American Express, Visa and MasterCard too.

Not to be overlooked is QB direct. This hybrid method gives you the best of both worlds. You can use it like a credit card, but with the security of a crypto currency. The minimum deposit is $35. Now that you've made your deposit, the next step is to figure out which game you are going to spend some coins with. By now you have a well of games to choose from, do have fun winning.