Mega 7s Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

When it comes to the power of the seven, look no further than Mega 7's Casino. Mega 7's Casino, can be considered as a flagship of Real Time Gaming slots. In fact, there are over 200 premiere slot and table games waiting for you here. And even though Mega 7's Casino has not been around for that many years, it has already become a smash success by taking the best of Real Time Gaming games which runs on the mighty flash engine which gives you the option of playing them either online or for download, there are many promotions and a sterling VIP club for the most loyal of members available here.

While we will talk a bit more about the loyalty status a bit later, what's important to note that when it comes to the VIP club, there are four unique levels to keep members here coming back for more. Now, when it comes to the promotions, that is a whole new kettle of fish. When it comes to the promotions, there is something for everybody, even starting with the newcomers. There is a well of promotions for veteran members so that every time you come back and log on, you will find something to help you get over the top.

But there is more to talk about when it comes to Mega 7's Casino. There are many banking options to help you get through the door. All of the major credit cards are available as options, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express. It's no mystery that you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. You can also make the most out of Bitcoin, the world's most premiere crypto currency. And of course, you can always get in touch with customer support whenever you are in need of them, plus there are many avenues for you to find the help you need.

The Best Of The Best Slots

Now, the one thing that Mega 7's Casino does have, are great, blockbuster games. There is a little bit of everything that covers the many genres. If you are into mythology, look no further than Achilles Slots, a dynamic, five reel game where the legendary, demigod, Achilles, takes center stage. Achilles of course, fought during the mythical Trojan War, to recapture the lovely, and kidnapped Helen. This game comes with 20 pay lines, with a whole lot to offer those who have the courage to play and game here.

The design of the game is absolutely splendid, serving to help put you in the mood and the mindset of ancient times. All of the icons reflect the fabled battle of Troy. Achilles of course is the wild symbol in the game, and is also the jackpot symbol in the game to help you bring home the progressive jackpot that is building with each spin. What makes Achilles, one of the great slot games to play, are the two different style of free spins. Achilles is the key to one of those bonus, free spins rounds. In fact, he has a strong influence on the Trojan castles as does Helen. Helen plays strongly in the game too. There is also the regular free spins round that can also be re triggered for an unlimited amount of times.

If you are into six reel games, there is a little bit of everything which have risen through the ranks to become some of the best slot games to play here at Mega 7's Casino. If the sounds of vintage rock n' roll are up your alley, then there are two of the best games waiting for you at Mega 7's Casino. Get back into the groove when it comes to Big Bopper, a six reel slot game that serves as an ode to the legendary, musician who died in the tragic plane crash along with Ritchie Valens. The game icons and the game play all help to sum up the mystique and the musical genius of the Big Bopper himself.

One of the main highlights of this game, are the numerous bonus rounds that are made available. In fact, many of the bonus rounds centers on his legendary songs. When it comes to the re spin feature, certain reels are held while other reels are spun for much larger rewards and success. As far as the instant win feature, you will keep on winning as long as he continues to sing. All in all you can win up to 20 times your bet placed. And when it comes to the free spins round, the free spins keep on churning as long as he sings his timeless hit, Chantilly Lace. The same is true when it comes to the White Lightnin'.

The music continues as we move from the Big Bopper to Ritchie Valens, La Bomba. Ritchie Valens was not just a pioneer when it comes to vintage rock n' roll, but also for Latin music artists. He perished tragically alongside The Big Bopper in the plane crash so many years ago. So what does this six reel game offer? A lot actually. The game play puts you right into the heart of the rock n' roll scene in the 1950's, the good old American diner. The game play is all about Ritchie Valens, including records, tickets, guitars and more. The man of the hour is the wild symbol in the game. When he grows, he will expand over the reels. His mighty record features in nicely in these bonus rounds too. There is an innovative free spins round, each one coming with its own set of free spins and winning multipliers. The key to this, is how many scatters you get to land on the reels. There are even some, that comes with expanding wilds too. And yes, all the while you are playing, you are treated to some of the music by Richie Valens, which makes this game one of the best ones to play here.

A popular genre of games that have proven to be some of the best slot games to play, include the Asian themed games. There is a special section just in the name of Jackie Chan. Many of the slot games from his hit films from the 1980's, are available here. One such game includes Eagle Shadow Fist, a hard hitting martial arts wonder, where Jackie Chan and may of the characters from that film, find their way onto the reels. You can count on high impacting wild symbols and scatters, all of which pays out quite nicely and handsomely. The free spins are packed with action, and of course there is a progressive jackpot.

As for Fantasy Mission Force, another high stakes, action film starring Jackie Chan and his favorite characters. This is a popular slot for many reasons, including getting a chance to see him and his cohorts in action in a World War 2 setting. This game is full of bangs and explosions. The free spins packs a powerful punch with seven free spins with a triple winning multiplier. There is even a bonus, explosive round. And of course, there is a progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin.

Last but not least, Fire Dragon, is yet another popular, Jackie Chan themed game that has turned out to be one of the best slot games to play. One of the best things about this game is that Jackie Chan is the official wild symbol in the game. The ninja masks is your key to getting into the free spins round where you will play with up to 10 of them. And of course, in true Jackie Chan fashion, there is a progressive jackpot that can be won after any game.

Outside of Jackie Chan, there are many Asian themed games that continue to prove their weight in gold, as one of the top slot games to play here. There are many patterned after Caishan, the Chinese God of wealth. In fact, there are many games to help you do so. One of the top games in his honor includes God of Wealth, a quaint, 25 reel game where tranquility and winning all comes together. The game play is highly colorful and vibrant. Of course the God Of Wealth is the wild symbol in the game, he will also help you win the progressive jackpot. The golden ingot is the key to unlocking the free spins round.

And to further celebrate Caishan, you have another best billed slot game, Lucky 8. The game play serves as a history lesson for ancient China. Eight is indeed the lucky number, and in fact will serve you up with 8 free spins where the winning multiplier will work out in your favor. There is also Super 6, a charming 6 reel game that also further adds to honor the Chinese God Of Wealth. It is also one of the best slot games to play here with 729 all ways play. Enjoy the 25 free spins with a mega wins multiplier to go with it.

There is actually still a slew of Asian themed games that will do more than keep you busy. Asian themed games like we mentioned before, continues to be a main attraction and some of the best slot games to play here at Mega 7's Casino.

We told you that Mega 7's Casino was serious about their games. So serious, that surprising, that one of the best slot games to play here continues to be Hairway To Heaven. This five reel game is based on Rapunzel, the long haired beauty where she is trapped in a tower, waiting for the handsome prince to come rescue her. This time, the stage is set for you to be the prince who saves the day, and a result, you will unlock many bonus rounds centering on the princess. Across 50 pay lines, the princess is the wild symbol and the expanding wild symbol. The game play plays out like a storybook tale and fable. But the prince is arguably the best thing to happen in this game. He is the key to playing in one of the bonus rounds. You have the damsel in distress round where you have the opportunity to play 8 free spins. The princess pays shells out 10 free spins. The almighty damsel in distress will pay out up to 20 free spins and then some.

From fairy tales to actual fairies we go to. While there are many complex oriented games, there are some that are quite simple and easy going. This is why Enchanted Garden and Enchanted Garden 2 are two of the best slot games to play here at Mega 7's Casino. Both of these games follows the lovely fairy that is having the time of her life walking through the magical forest. The only question is, why aren't joining her. You can expect the fairy to be the wild symbol, who will add a little joy to the reels when she lands. Take the greatest walk of your life in in the free spins round with the water fountain. Certain symbols have added features for extra wins. In the sequel, the gnomes join the fun. In fact, in the sequel there are two bonus rounds to choose from, plus the graphics are that much richer, featuring a more up to date fairy.

Santa and Rudolph renew their battle to the finish with two, ill humored, Christmas themed slot games, Rudolph Awakens and Rudolph's Revenge. Both of these super popular slot games explores the civil war raging on between Santa and Rudolph. Both of these games are loaded with bonuses and secret jackpots. In Rudolph's Revenge, Rudolph is the jackpot symbol in the game. He is also the main wild symbol in the game too. The main bonus round is the free spins round. And when it comes to Rudolph Awakens, this 30 pay line game, where the frozen Rudolph is the wild symbol in the game, and it serves as a nudging symbol which can lead to additional wins on the reels. There are many features to be played and enjoyed in the game, with explosive winning combinations.

And Then There are Even Better Slots

By now, you should know that Mega 7's Casino is serious about their slot games. We've been discussing some of the many great slot games that keeps both established members and new members keep on coming. Now's let's talk in more depth about some of the most potent and stellar slot games that they have to offer.

Lucha Libre - Explore The World Of Wrestling

Put down the remote to W.W.E. Smackdown, for Lucha Libre parts one and two, has all the great body slamming wrestling action you need and more. Wrestling is a worldwide affair, and it is practically a religion in Mexico. The masked, wrestlers of mayhem show up in force when it comes to Lucha Libre and the sequel, Lucha Libre 2. In the first game, you square off in the squared circle to the tune and roar of the crowd with Taco Malo and Guacamolio. All of the game icons and even the music is all their pumped up for you to get to the main event. Both of these tough grapplers are the wild symbols in the game. Each one has the power to double your winning combinations when they land. As an added bonus, each one of these wilds can jump over onto other reels if they land on the third reel, for they serve as grouped wilds for extra impact. The wrestling ring is another important icon in the game. During regular game play, the more of these that land, the greater the winning multiplier will become, but the rings are also instrumental in playing in the time to rumble feature.

You will need to get three or more of the rings to commence, this high action bonus round. Here, you will be tasked with choosing a combination to finish off your opponent. Each move comes with a flair of risk, thus higher risk combos will reward you more free spins and fiery masks of doom. If you are successful in your maneuver, you will receive a higher amount of free spins, plus fiery masks of doom to go along with it.

The first set of moves centers on spanko especial. If you are successful in pulling it off, you will receive 14 free spins with a double winning multiplier. Should you fail, you will in turn receive 12 free spins with a single winning multiplier. The second set of moves includes the supremo foot of fury. Again, if you are successful, then you are in store for 10 free spins with a double winning multiplier plus one, fiery mask of doom. And if you are not successful in this endeavor, you will play with 9 free spins with a regular winning multiplier as a constellation prize. The third and most difficult maneuver includes the thunder clap bam bam. If you can connect with this high flying maneuver, 6 free spins with a regular winning multiplier is coming your way, in addition to two fiery masks of dooms. And don't worry, if you are not successful, you will still play with 6 free spins, but you will only receive one fiery mask of doom.

Now, when it comes to the fiery masks of doom, this high stakes drama round features up to four reels being held place, containing all the fiery masks of doom while the other reels are spun, to help you build up those rewards.

Now, when it comes to the sequel, Taco Malo is back, but this time, his arch foe goes by the name of Nacho Friend. One more you partake and do battle inside the squared circle. Both the wrestlers are the wild symbols, and will once more act as expanding wilds when they land on the third reel. The time to rumble feature is back and ups the ante when it comes to the free spins and the fiery masks of doom. This time you have your choice of either the el loco low blow, the el slappa de pappa, and the supreme falcon hail. And once more, the time to rumble bonus round pulls out all the stops when it comes to the number of free spins you play with along with the fiery masks added to the reels. And when it comes to the fists of fury feature, the masks will be added to the reels while the reels are spun to see exactly how big your win is.

Now, when it comes to the game icons, they all reflect the exciting world of wrestling. You have all that you need to reign victorious, including an auto play button among other things. There is an info button to review the game icons and an options button to adjust the settings like reel speed and the music.

A New Breed Of Witch Bubble Bubble

There are witches and then there is Winnie the witch. She is the star of both Bubble Bubble and the sequel, Bubble Bubble 2. Both of these games invites you to get to know the best, and dare we say the prettiest witch in the universe of spells and witches. So, you can finally put down that remote to Bewitch, and take in the awesome aura and beauty of Winnie The Witch. In the first game, you are brought into the fold with the full experience of Halloween. The game play in fact, takes place right in front a cemetery. As you would expect, all the game icons scream of Halloween and then some. Winnie, is the wild symbol in the game, and she will triple your wins when she falls on the reels. And if she lands on the third reel, she will also as an expanding wild, further adding to your wins. The cauldron is cooking up something wicked and nice. The more of these that land during regular game play, will help influence the winning multiplier. The scatters will also put you in one of the many bonus rounds. When it comes to the great ghosts feature, up to nine ghosts are added to the reels. Here, you will play with 20 free spins. The ghosts that land, serve as wild symbols.

When it comes to the wild witches feature, Winnie dominates this round. If she appears, you can cast a spell on either one, or two reels, turning them all wild in her likeness. You will begin this round with 9 free spins, plus you will have the opportunity to amassing more free spins in this round. When it comes to the bewitched feature, you begin with seven free spins with Winnie, occupying the entire middle reel. And should not fare very well, in any of the bonus rounds, there is a win win feature, to make sure that you walk away with some sort of winning multiplier.

And when it comes to the sequel, the lovely Winnie is joined by the equally beautiful, Wanda. Now, both of these darlings will serve as wild symbols in the game. The sequel once more features 50 pay lines and also takes place at night time, outside the cemetery. Getting back to Winnie and Wanda, in addition to serving as the wild symbols, they will also act as expanding wilds for even larger wins when they land with other high ranking icons. The bonus rounds are back, bigger and ever. The greater ghosts feature starts you off again with 20 free spins where once more, the witches will fly onto the reels. The wilder witches feature has both Winnie and Wanda serving as special wilds. If either one of them land on the reels, they can enchant up to a couple of reels as wild reels. If they both land, they can turn two reels each, completely wild. All in all, you can play with an extra 33 free spins in this bonus round. And in the ultra bewitched feature, either Winnie or Wanda, or perhaps even both of them, will act as an expanded wild if they land on the reels. You will play with seven free spins, with the opportunity to play more of this round. And of course, the win win feature is back to make sure you leave a winner in some sort of fashion.

All that you need to cast the winning spell of a lifetime, is there on the game screen. The choice is yours to spin the reels, or you can set that up through auto play mode. There is an info button to review the game icons and their respective amounts.

Becoming The Ultimate Bandit - Cash Bandits

There are crime capers, and then there is the phenomenon, Cash Bandits Slots, plus the heart pounding sequel, Cash Bandits 2, where the bank robber is front and center. Both of these slots puts your skills to the test, as you seek the biggest prize of all, breaking into the almighty bank vault where all the loot is. In the first game, there are 25 pay lines where the action takes place in the bank. All of the symbols are based on the master bank robber with the determined copper hot on his heels. When it comes to the wild symbol, you can look forward to the likes of the vault. When it lands on the reel, it will double winning combinations. It is also the highest paying symbol in the game, shelling out, 2,500 credits for getting all five on the pay line. The scatter symbol in the game is the cops and robber symbol. The more of these that land, the greater the winning multiplier will become. The bank is the third highest paying symbol, shelling out 1,500 credits for getting five on the reels. The cop will reward you with 1,250 credits for five on the pay line. And of course, the master bank robber with the loot, is good for 800 credits for five of him on the pay line.

The jewel of these games, are the bank vault feature games. Now, in the first game, what's at stake is up to 90 free spins with a winning multiplier that can go as high as 12 times. Three or more scatters will put you into the vault bonus round. The key to the bonus vault, is to break in the four of them you are presented with, in the least attempts possible. You are given a keypad where you have to enter a series of codes. The more successful you are, the more free spins you will play with. Again, you can play with up to 90 free spins, with a winning multiplier that extends all the way up to 12 times. And of course, there is a progressive jackpot that you can win if you win at the end of any spin.

And when it comes to the sequel, the bank robber is back, bigger than ever. This time, the official game logo is the wild symbol in the game. The more that lands during regular game play, the more you will win, including the top amount of 5,000 credits during regular game play. The scatter symbol is the master bank robber this time. The more of him that lands during regular game play will greatly help you with the winning multiplier. It is also the key to getting into the bank vault bonus round. The other key symbols in the game includes the determined cop, the frightened teller, and the bank. The cop will pay out 2,000 credits. The frightened teller will reward you with 1,500 credits, while the bank will pay you 1,000 credits.

The bank vault is back bigger than ever. Once more, you are tasked into breaking into the many bank vaults in the least amount of codes as possible. You are presented with five vaults this time. The faster you can break the code, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you can play up to 190 free spins, with a winning multiplier that is through the roof. And the sequel has a progressive jackpot that is available to win. All of the functions and tools are available on the game screen to help you break into the bank.

Experience The Power Of The Gods - Play Asgard Slots

The Gods of Valhalla awaits you in the realm of Asgard. When it comes to Asgard Slots, father Odin and the top Norse Gods are waiting in the halls with heavenly rewards and other goodies. This game is a 243 ways to pay, so you are guaranteed to win something good. There are two wilds in the game. The main wild, will double wins when it lands. It will also pay out up to a 1,000 credits for getting five on the pay line. There is also a special dark wild that only appears in the Loki magic's bonus round.

Speaking of bonus rounds, Asgard slots comes loaded with them. There are many free spins rounds, each one represented by the gods. The first one entails, the thunderbolt feature. Here, you will witness a smite of Thor's power where up to five reels are spun to reveal your heavenly rewards. And when it comes to the free spins, you start things off right with the Goddess feature. Here, the Valkyrie, will start you off with 15 free spins with a triple winning multiplier. You can even re trigger this bonus round.

When it comes to the Loki Goddess round, the dark trickster Gods makes him presence felt. Here, in this bonus round, Loki presents to you with 20 free spins with several dark wilds being added to the reels. You can even earn additional free spins when it comes to the Loki bonus round.

Thor once more makes is presence felt on the reels. Thor comes with his own special free spins round where you play with 25 free spins with wild multipliers. And you can also continue to amass more free spins, five of them at a time when you play with Thor. And the best is saved for last when it comes to Odin. When it comes to the Odin's free spins round, you are presented with 30 of them with the prospect of morphing wilds. And when you re trigger this bonus round, you are given 8 free spins. You can keep re triggering this bonus round. There are many high paying symbols in this game, including each one of the Gods and Goddesses. You win by getting three of them on the reels. You also have all that you need for a successful outing when you play Asgard. Spin on your own, or use auto play mode. Adjust the coin sizes with the coin sizes buttons and pay line arrows.

Orc Versus Elf

Who needs the world of Warcraft when you have Orc versus Elf, a stellar and high octane, 25 pay line game where once more, the orcs and the elves do battle for ultimate supremacy. Right from the beginning of the game, you will get to choose your champion, either the orc, or the elf. If you choose the orc, you will receive, different bonus rounds. For example, with the orc, not only is he the main wild, and an expanding wild on top of that, he will usher in his specific bonus round with the orc shield. You will need to get at least three of them, to commence the feature round. When it comes to the orc feature, you will embark on a trail where there a seven mini features. The choice is yours to partake in them and to advance to receive bigger and better bonuses.

The first feature is the goblin's gold feature where you are presented with 5 free spins along with double the pay with darkling symbols. The second feature is the hobglobin feature where you are presented with 6 free spins where two scatter symbols will grant you an extra free spin. Next, you have the orc army feature where you play with extra free spins, on top of the fact that orc forts will serve as extra wilds. And when it comes to the orc horde feature, you get the benefits of the previous bonus round plus the prospect of an extra orc added to the first reel. The giant spins feature ups the ante of orc horde, plus the darkling symbols will pay out triple. The chaos spins grants you seven free spins. And last but not least, the orc onslaught bonus round where you get all the benefits of the chaos spins, plus the fact that the orc hangs out on the reel during the super spin.

And if you've chosen the elf, there are plenty of rewards awaiting you. Just like the orc, the elf has many bonus features too. The first trail is the woodland spins round where you play with 6 free spins. The second feature is the elf magic feature where you play with six free spins, plus you get an extra wild on the second, third and fourth reels after the spins. Next, you have the huntsman feature where you play with seven free spins, plus you go orc hunting on the first reel. Slaying the orcs can lead to up to 200 times your bet placed. When it comes to the ancient archer feature, the elf will continue to hunt orcs, but will also target wolves along the way. Wolves can lead up to 100 times your bet placed as a result. Next you have the arch mage feature where you play out the previous feature, but extra wilds are added. After this, there is the forestal feature where you play out the arch mage round plus you get to play with super spins. And the best is saved for last when it comes to the elk king feature. Here, you get all the benefits of the forestal bonus round, plus you are playing with 8 free spins, plus a superspin and an extra wild added to the fifth reel. And of course, Orc Versus Elf offers you the ultimate confrontation, the orc versus the elf. This fight to the death yields extra rewards and goodies.

The Secret Of No Deposit Bonuses

So what is the secret of the no deposit bonuses? It's quite simple actually. Without wagering a single cent, you become eligible to play some free hands, or some free spins of slot games. This is a great way for new members who are thinking about becoming a member, to actually become a member by sampling the games they have to offer. Likewise, if you are already a veteran member, you can easily fall back in love with Mega 7's Casino. No deposit bonuses have a shelf life, so you will need to be aware of it. Once you find the no deposit, the next step is to enter the bonus code at the cashier to apply it. Currently right now is the $25 no deposit bonus. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is MEGAFREE25. It comes with a wagering requirement of at least 30 times your bet placed, before you can withdrawal money. The maximum cash out is $100.

Bring On The Free Money

To help you get the absolute most out of the tremendous slot and table games, Mega 7's Casino offers, many ways to get some free money to boost your luck. When it comes to the free money promotions, this normally takes the form of many of the in house promotions that are going on as it. Now, if you are a member, right off the top of the bat, you will be enjoying a series of cashback bonuses based on your initial deposits. There is actually a $3,000 welcome package that pays out nicely on your first three deposits. Your first deposit gets matched up to $500. Your second deposit is matched up to $500, and your third deposit in turn, is matched up to $500.

If you are a regular member, you will find several free money promotions, going on everyday of the week. Now, on Monday's, you are in store for a 75% matching bonus up to $100. This can be used on all the slot and table games too. The bonus code to get this started, is MEGAMON75. And if you are a member of the VIP, then a little extra something is coming your way. You will receive a 100% matching bonus good for again $100. It can be used on all the games. The code to enter is VIPMON100.

And when it comes to Tuesday, say hell to your dough being doubled, quite literally. There is another 100% matching bonus, good to one hundred bucks. And if you are a member of the VIP, say hello to a sweet 120% extra. The code for the cashier is VIPTUES120. And what does Wednesdays provide? How about the chance to spin your heart away with a matching bonus of 75 good up to $100. The code to enter at the cashier is WEDDEAL. Bring on Thursday with a chance to ease into the weekend by claiming a matching bonus on 15 deposits made during that stretch. Friday equals fun day with a free chip involved. And when you get to Saturday, say hello to another matching bonus in the form of a 100% match that will pay between $50 to $150. The all important code is SAT100.

We would be remiss, not to talk about the free money opportunities when it comes to VIP members. Simply put, the more comp points you accrue, the more you will move up the ranks on the VIP level. Each VIP level comes with its fixed value of comp points. Simply put, comp points equates to free money. On the entry, mega basic level, one comp point is good for a single dollar. On the next level, the comp points increase to 1.25 on the mega enhanced level. But the comp points and thus the free money grows even more. The mega superior level stokes it up to 1.50 comp point worth of free money, while the mega ultimate level rewards you with 2 comp points for every dollar wagered, so as you can see the free money keeps on rolling.

Don't Forget About The Free Chip

In addition to free money, another way to win for real and play for free, are free chips. Normally, free chips are normally associated with table games, because it requires you to make higher wagers, but here at Mega 7's Casino, they can also be used for the slot games as well. There are some neat, in house free chips worth mentioning. During the weekend wind down promotion, you are eligible for a free chip. And when it comes to Friday, there is another free chip involved, if you've made the right amount of deposits all throughout the week. Also, keep a look out for third party promotions where you might be able to find some additional free chip promotions.

Staying in tune with the VIP section. VIP members also will enjoy special free spins that regular members don't have access to. There is a nice bonus, free chip for basic members in the mega basic round. But, the free chips continue to grow in scope, on the next rung of the loyalty rewards. On the mega enhanced level, the free chips are that much bigger. Next level up, is the mega superior level where the free chips are quite bigger. And of course, the mega ultimate level comes with special tailored made bonuses which includes free chips.

So How Do You Get A Bonus Code?

The primary way to get a bonus code is in house. Mega 7's Casino is full of many spectacular, in house promotions. Each one of these promotions comes with a bonus code, so it is easy to apply them when you enter the bonus code at the cashier. Now, the second way to find bonus codes is through third party websites. There are many casino review sites to help get you going, so it might not hurt to spend a little time browsing the web to find these sites who have reviewed Mega 7's Casino, or provides bonus codes on their behalf. You might also be able to find some additional bonus code information through official social media channels. Nowadays, more and more, online casinos have a lot of promotion going on through major channels like Facebook and Twitter. Also, the official newsletter is another way to keep abreast of promo and bonus codes.

The Art Of Free Play

And when all else fails, you can always count on the power of free spins. Free spins is a great way for members to try out a new game to properly bring it en vogue, or to go hard for their preferred slot game. There are many in house free spins promotions that will keep you more than busy. Keep a look out for the 77 free spins for new members. The free spins is good for the super popular slot game, Kung Fu Rooster, where the marital arts expert is the rooster this time. The game play is quite tranquil and scenic. In fact, the main characters are all animals, including monkeys. The rooster of course is the wild symbol in the game, and the monkey represents the bonus symbol. The bonus round features the free spins round where you play with up to 25 free spins. There is also the fire claw multiplier. The bonus code for these free spins is MEGA4.

If you are a VIP, then Tuesdays offers a nice set of free spins, 20 to be exact, to be used for any slot game of your choice. The promo code to enter is VIPTUESFS. It also doesn't heart to keep a look out for third party free spins codes that is bound to come up from time to time. And once again, the loyalty club holds the key to extra and exclusive free spins. In this regard, depending on the bonus level you are on, will help to determine the extra free spins you will play with.

What About Bitcoin?

Low and behold, Bitcoin is a very popular medium here at Mega 7's Casino. It is so popular here, that there are promotions just for it. All of the regular promotions that have been discussed here, also applies to Bitcoin. But there is one caveat. Every time you make your deposit with Bitcoin, you will enjoy an extra 10% bonus on top of the regular promotions for using Bitcoin. It also doesn't hurt to get into the habit of checking out third party sites to see what special Bitcoin bonuses are made available here.

Making Your Deposits

It is quite easy to make your deposits here at Mega 7's Casino. The first step of course is to setup your account. One you've done so, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. The major credit cards that are accepted here, are Visa, MasterCard and American Express. It can take some time to process these requests, so keep that in mind. Once these requests have been processed, you will find that your credit card deposit requests will be processed instantly. There are minimum deposits, which may range from $20 to $35 bucks. There are also maximum deposits as well.

And of course, Bitcoin, the world's most popular crypto currency is available as a deposit option at Mega 7's Casino. Bitcoin is a purely digital currency, meaning that you don't have to go through any banks to use it. Instead, it runs on its own proprietary block chain technology, which adds special encryption to your transactions with Bitcoin. To use Bitcoin, you will need a trusted Bitcoin wallet. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there on the market, so we won't go too much in depth with them. You can easy research them online. When you've come across the one that you like, you will need to install it either on your desktop or mobile device. Some work online, and some work offline. You will have to set up the digital signatures. After that, you will need to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier to let the magic happen. There are minimum and maximum Bitcoin deposits to keep in mind, which will be processed instantly.