Bovada No Deposit Bonus Codes

If this is your first foray to Bovada Casino, then by all means, let's extend a very strong welcome. Bovada casino, you can argue, is the online casino that has it all. It is has scores of slot games, that is powered by industry giants, Betsoft and Rival. When it comes to Betsoft and Rival, these two gaming engines brings it when it comes to the state of the art slot games. Bovada Casino has well over a hundred slot games, where you are more than welcome to knock yourself out by playing the games online, or for download, since they are flash based.

But in addition to the powerful slot games, which many of which comes with progressive jackpots. What's more, Bovada more than brings it when it comes to the top tier table games and poker games too. You are more than welcome to get to know all of the slot games one by one, or you can fall in love and explore all the table games that Bovada has to offer.

But perhaps the cream of the crop when it comes to the table games, is their extensive poker section. Believe us when we say that Bovada Casino, is serious about their poker. Here's the deal. They have their own section when it comes to poker. There are many tournaments for you to delve into poker. There are many unique tournaments, including sit and go, stack poker tournaments along with guaranteed high roller tournaments. Play in the tournaments, are up the ante with live dealer, where you can compete against other players against the world for big time rewards.

But we're just getting started when we talk about Bovada. Whether you are into slot games, poker tournaments, and more, to help you get the most out of all of these great games, Bovada Casino is rich when it comes to promotions. There is a little bit of everything to help you become a big time winner. To get the party started, there is a welcome package for new members. If you are into sports, there is a welcome package for you. Additional bonuses are applied to Bitcoin, and the slot and table games, which we will talk about a little bit later.

There is also a rewards club where you can accrue rewards points to further help you along in your gaming quest. Now that is set, you will find many banking options to help you quickly make a deposit and up and running with all the tremendous gaming action. Bitcoin is the center piece among the deposits.

And of course, Bovada goes the extra mile with a very extensive customer support with an affiliate program section. But the crowning jewel to Bovada Casino, is their extensive sports book section. Many online casino members consider Bovada, the mecca of sports books. All of the major North American sports leagues are represented here, along with many popular European and South American leagues, especially when it comes to soccer. On top of that, there is a horse racing section where you get to hang out on the virtual race track, setting wagers on your preferred horse.

So What Are The Best Slots To Play?

The list quite frankly, is endless here at Bovada Casino. The range of games is quite extensive, but one that has risen through the ranks, continues to be A Night With Cleo. This sultry five reel game puts a whole new spin on the exotic, and wildly entertaining, Cleopatra. While other games have given you a sample into her world, A Night With Cleo, actually goes the extra mile by putting you right into her bedroom. That's right, what makes A Night With Cleo, one of the best slot games to play, is that it is a mature oriented game, where seduction is the name of the game. In fact, right off the top of the bat, you are greeted by this lovely queen who is laid, welcoming you to a night of passion. Everything about the slot game is about seduction. The entire game play oozes sensuality, to go along with the entertaining soundtrack. The queen, Cleo, is the wild symbol in the game and will payout quite handsomely. The legendary seduction, carries out to the numerous bonus rounds. The free spins are very nice, plus you get the option to play for the chance to try to double up your winnings after any win. And if you play your cards right, you will get treated to one of the best, and ultimate nightcaps, in the form of the lovely queen, taking it all off for your eyes only.

But there is a whole lot more games that make the cut for some of the best slot games to play here at Bovada Casino. Who needs the Fast And The Furious movies, when you have the Fast And The Sexy, a sizzling hot slot game, and one of the best ones to play here at Bovada Casino. What's at stake is a group of highly attractive women who love to race their cars for big time rewards and wins. Right away, the timeless mix of fast cars and beautiful women, are on display. It goes without saying, that all seven of the race car dames, all make their ways to the reels, leaving behind some serious credits. The fast lane just got a whole lot faster when it comes to the wild symbol. Not only will it pay out high dividends when it lands on the reels, but it will also serve as an expanding wild on the reels. The free spins are quite electric too. The tank is always full, for you always have the option of amassing more free spins. But what keeps members coming back for more, is the second bonus feature. Here, you will pick the car that you think will win the race. When this happens, you will be treated to extra rewards and benefits. As an added benefit, you can win some serious, in game winning multipliers.

Experience the renaissance like never before through the prism of Leonardo's Loot, a slick, animated five reel game, that shows off an entire new side to the famous, artist and master creator. The game play happens in his room, full of pomp and circumstance. One of the main draws of this dynamic wonder is that Da Vinci from time to time, will grace the reels. And when he does, he will leave behind some serious coins which adds up to big things for those who play it. But there is a whole lot more going on when it comes to the master painter. Leonardo's Loot is full of genuine bonuses which will keep you coming back for more. When it comes to the free spins round, you can play anywhere from 10 to 30 free spins, depending in the famous scatters that land. The palate of paint serves as the wild and the crux of inspiration. And to take the cake, there is a jackpot that can be won during regular game play. Now you know why Leonardo's Loot remains one of the best slot games to play here at Bovada Casino.

If you care for soap operas, then by all means put down the remote control, for the soap's are always on when it comes to As The Reels Turn, episodes one through three. All three of these episodes are based loosely on the legendary television show, and is one of the main reasons why this is one of the best games to play here. In the first installment, you are brought deep into the fold with all the fighting and luxury from the show. To go with it, there are some nice bonus rounds. There are multiple scatter symbols in the game, so the set that you trigger will launch a certain bonus round. One bonus round is the Tommy bonus round where you get to see him perform. There is also a nice free spins round to go with a generous jackpot waiting to be won. And of course, you can advance to additional rounds of the episode through the separate bonus.

And in the second episode, which remains one of the all time best slots to play here at Bovada Casino, all the thrills and the drama is back. Once more, there are many bonus and free spins rounds with multiple scatter icons. Danny comes with his own bonus round, and more you can indulge on the power of the free spins. And yes, there is a jackpot that can be won too. And in the third and riveting episode, the best is saved for last. There is a neat expanding wild which leads to big time wins. The free spins are back, bigger than ever. And of course the jackpot is waiting to payout some big time dividends. And of course, you can continue to advance to next scenes of the episodes too.

We told you that Bovada Casino is serious about their games, so serious that they dive into the world of astrology. Astral Luck Continues to be one of the best games to play here, because not only do you get a virtual trip to the stars, but you stand to win big time too. The entire game is pulsating with energy and other lucky charms. To help suck you into this outer world existence, there is a neat soundtrack to accompany it. The game icons are based on physics and astrology. Not only is there a wild that is worth your while, but it serves as an expanding wild on top of that. The free spins are always fun. The more scatters you land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all, you will play with 20 free spins. This out space extravaganza continues to draw members from around the globe with a super duper bonus round which features you spinning the astral ring to reveal your solar prize.

There is forbidden fruit, and then there is Forbidden Slot. Forbidden Slot, continues to be one of the best slot games to play here at Bovada Casino, because it is literally about the forbidden, especially when it comes to lost. This game is a unique mix, of magic, sex and sorcery. Women and horses dominate the landscape. The dark costume wearing woman, and the lesbian lovers are the expanding wilds in the game. There a numerous wild, multiplying symbols in the game as well. The free spins are equally exotic too. Here, you can play up to 10 free spins with special winning multipliers. What's more, there is even an exotic soundtrack to help put you in the mood of Forbidden Slot.

Still need more best slot games to play? We told you that Bovada Casino wasn't pulling any punches when it comes to their slot games. The best slot games continue to make hits and wonders, especially when we are talking about Mystic Wolf, a five reel, supernatural game where Native American spirituality, meets with the keen wolf. What makes this game one of the best ones to keep on playing, is the sheer power of the wolf. The wolf completely dominates the entire game play, starting with multiple icons and versions of the wolf on the reels. In addition to being the main wild symbol, the wolf impacts the reels in many ways, starting with the running wolf which rewards your winnings five times. When it comes to the bonus round, which is triggered by the feather, you will head into the super bonus round where you will play with either five free spins, or up to 50 free spins where you can win up to ten times your bet. But the ultimate bonus round, will introduce you to a wolf's best friend, the lunar moon, where you will get to pick among several lunar phases and roll the dice to see what you've won.

When it's time to get into the game of high stakes espionage, there's only one place to look at it, and that's with Spy Game, a blockbuster five reel slot game that has all the intrigue of a James Bond movie. The main character is cut in the same mold as the super suave 007 agent, but he is a cut above. Right away, the game play sucks you into the high stakes world of espionage and danger, plus some cool gadgets and beautiful women. In fact, the game play is so complex, that it involves a game map to help you keep track of all the things that are going on.

All of the game icons puts you in the feel of an International emergency. The man of the hour is a super high ranking symbol. He will shell out 400 credits for getting five of them on the pay line. The beautiful woman is not too shabby either when it comes to the paying out process. She will produce 800 credits for five of her on the pay line. The warhead will produce 200 credits for five of it on the reel.

The wild symbol is represented by the folder. It will double wins when it lands on the reels, for it will replace most of the game icons except for the scatter symbol. And when it comes to the free spins, that is no problem at all. The hand gun is the key to getting into there. You will play the free spins round with ten free spins with a four times winning multiplier. And the best is saved for last when it comes to the bomb round. You will need to assemble the key three pieces to escape the building to avoid capture.

There Are Still Many Great Slot Games

And just when you've figured that Bovada Casino couldn't possibly pull out any more slot games, they turn around and shock the show. While there are many great slot games, some of which we talked a bit about a moment before, there are a special few that stands out head and shoulders above the other ones. When it comes to Multiplier Man Slots, a super hero extravaganza. This five reel game has it all. A metropolis that needs to be saved, a super villain, great bonus rounds, and above all, that one special super hero. The wild symbol makes its presence felt on the first, third and fifth reels, and when it does land, it will double winning combinations.

Ken Dash, the mild mannered reporter, is the secondary wild. He too will double winning combinations when he lands on the second and fourth reels. Going further with Ken, when he lands, he will turn into an expanding wild as multiplier man, who has come here to save the day. But the hallmark of this superhero gem, are the numerous bonus rounds that are in store here.

To begin with, the free spins are quite heroic. The more of the free spins icons you land, will help influence the number of free spins you will play with. Three of them will land you 8 free spins. Four scatters will yield 14 free spins and five will produce the grand total of 20 free spins. And while in free spins round, should the multiplier man land, he will serve as an expanding wild that will nudge their ways on the reel. The second bonus round, involves the quick change bonus round. This is a special hi low game comes with three bonus rounds where you must correctly pick the right high or low card from the deck. Now, the more scatters that land on the reels will help to determine the winning multiplier. Three will reward you with a 20 times winning multiplier. Four scatters will produce a 50 times winning multiplier. And five of them will shell out a 150 times winning multiplier.

But there is one more special bonus round, called the x ray bonus. Here, Multiplier Man is put to task by scanning the inside contents of a safe. There are many rewards to be won, including a 12 times winning multiplier. The stage is set for you to become the ultimate hero with Multiplier Man. The rest of the icons are vintage in nature. You have all that you need right on the game screen. There are pay line arrows where you can easily adjust the pay lines to your liking. The same is true when it comes to the coin size buttons. There is a pay table button where you can instantly review the game icons in a moment's notice. You can spin the button to save the day yourself, or you can setup your spins through auto play mode. It seems the only thing that Multiplier Man doesn't have, is a progressive jackpot.

Win The West With Six Shot Showdown

If you ever wondered what it was like to live out the glory days of the wild wild west, now's your chance with Six Shot Showdown, a captivating five reel game that puts you firmly in the saddle. All of the details of the rugged pioneer and then some are made available. The game play takes place at high noon, right outside the saloon itself. The main character is the gunslinger sheriff. When it comes to the game icons, all of them puts you back in the mindset and the times of gritty cowboys. The barrel is the wild symbol in the game. When it lands, it will double winning combinations when it falls, and replace most of the other game symbols. The wild will only land on the second, third and fourth reels.

When it comes to the scatter, that is represented by the sheriff badge. This is the key to playing in the mighty showdown bonus. In this life or death situation, the sheriff has to make sure that is gun is the quickest draw as he must shoot down the villain. Here, you must precisely choose where you are going to shoot down the villain. Take head, you must choose your spot carefully, for if you miss, the villain will shoot back and win the bonus round. At that point, the bonus round will end, and you will be handed your accumulated prize. Now, should you hit the villain and take him out, you will win a large amount, and you will then proceed to the next villain. Should you hit the villain and not actually take him out, you will be granted a prize, and then given an opportunity to take the villain out again. You will get 6 cracks to take him out, otherwise you will move on to the next villain. All in all, there are four villains in the bonus round.

There are 243 ways to win in this shootout affair. The sheriff is a high paying symbol. Five of him on the pay line, will result in 1,000 credits. The scatter will put out 1,250 credits for getting five of them on the reels. The cowgirl also pays out nicely too. In fact, there is 1,000 credits on the line for getting five of her on the pay line. There are other human character icons including the playing card numbers, aces, kings, queens, jacks, tens and nines. The goal is to get three of a kind to land on the reels, from the left of the reel to the right. You have everything you need to win the wild west shootout. You can spin the reels on your own, or you can use auto play mode to get the reels spinning on your own. You can fix the pay lines via the pay line arrows as well as the coin size values. You can review the game icons through the pay table.

Shopping Spree

Who wouldn't want a credit card without any limits? That's right. That is most certainly the case when it comes to Shopping Spree, a soothing five reel game that makes sure that everything is on sale. Just like the title of the game suggests, the theme is about going shopping at a high end, luxury store. Nothing but the best in women's fashion is available in a New York store. Without a doubt, the crown jewel of the game is the diamond ring, which is no doubt a woman's best friend. Just one of them landing on the pay line, is good enough for 250 credits. Four of them will reward you with a 1,000 credits. And if you get all five on the reels, you will bring home the entire jackpot of the current amount in the game. The emerald necklace pays out nicely as well. In fact, it will reward you with up to 600 credits for getting an entire row of it on the pay line.

The purse comes in third. It will reward you with up to 400 credits for getting an entire row full of it. The other icons include the red, designer shoe, the bottle of perfume and the flowers. And who can forget about the lipstick. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Shopping Spree. There are multiple bonus rounds. The first one is called the big money scatter bonus. You are brought here through three money scatter symbols. When this happens, you can win some extra credits, up to 4,000 credits to be exact. The next bonus round involves the mystery grab bag bonus round. The mission is simple here, collect three bags to proceed here. Once here, you will click on a question mark to reveal your cash prize.

If you are ready to go shopping, you will find everything you need to make sure you have a successful outing. Feel free to spin the reels yourself, or you can handle all of that through auto play mode so you can keep your eyes on all the shining glitter and rings. Of course, there is a menu button where you can tweak the game settings and the reel speed. There is a pay table available to make sure you keep abreast of all the game icons. To win, you must get at least three of the same icons to land from the left of the reel to the right.

Welcome To Paris - Champ Elysees Slots

Have you ever wanted to get away to Paris, the most romantic city in the world, but you don't have the funds? Well now's your chance, with Champ Elysees, a quaint, and highly interactive slot game, that gives you a front row seat to the world famous city of Paris from a tourist's point of view. What makes this game important is that you to get hang out and shop, as well as dine right on the famous boulevard itself. You also get iconic views of the world's famous, Eiffel Tower.

As you would expect, all the game icons resemble the world famous boulevard itself. As you would expect, the Eiffel tower is the wild symbol in the game, and it is also the main expanding wild as well. When it lands on certain reels, it will grow to expand, which will lead to even larger wins. But there are many more worthwhile and lucrative icons to look out for. The pink shoes are an extremely lucrative icon. In fact, it will reward you 3,600 credits for getting five of them on the reel. The handbag is not only stylish, but it will reward you with 3,000 credits.

When it comes to the free spins round, you can easily access this by getting three of the free spins icons to land on the reels. The more scatters that you land on the reels, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. Three of the scatters will grant you ten free spins. Four will shell out 20 free spins, and five of them, will reward you with 40 free spins. And yes, you can amass additional free spins by getting another trio of the free spins icons.

But there is still a whole lot more to Champs Elysees. There is also the iconic bonus round where you get to go on a shopping spree. All things French are available when it comes to the shopping spree. Even better, you don't even need a credit card. The stage is set for you to enjoy all the wonders and the sights of the iconic Paris, France. Feel free to spin the reels yourself, or set them up through auto play mode, so you can take in all the charm and wonder. You can adjust the pay lines through the pay line arrows and you can tweak the coin size through the coin size buttons.

The Reel Crime Slot Series

There is crime, and then there is the reel crime series. There are two games that helps to celebrate the masterminds and genius of epic crimes. In the first installment, Bank Heist, the biggest score of your life awaits. In this vintage, retro game, it is up to make the mafia don happy by completing the ultimate bank heist. There is a game map to show off the four stages of the master crime. The first stage is to case the joint and to get the key. The second stage is getting into the bank. And the third stage is blowing the safe open. And the fourth and final stage is making off with the loot. In fact, there is a gaming map to keep this all open.

All the symbols are vintage in nature, including famous tommy guns and alcohol bottles. There are many bonus rounds of note here to keep abreast of. The mobster is a major paying symbol. Five of him on the pay line, will result in 750 credits. The bag of money is a great paying symbol. Five of the bags of money will result in 500 credits. The tommy gun is the key scatter symbol in the game. It is the key to getting you into the second scene of the game. And yes, you will actually get to shoot some parts of the scene up with the tommy gun.

On the second scene, you will play inside the bank where the icons change somewhat. The scatter symbol in this regard is a policeman. The bank vault is the main scatter symbol, which is also the key to advancing you to the third stage of the reel. The mafia man will reward you with 1,000 credits for getting five of him on the pay line. The bag of money is also good for a 1,000 credits. Be careful to get the robber symbols to land before the policeman, otherwise you will get caught and sent to jail.

The third level is the dynamite level. On this explosive level, you will get to choose among three doors to apply the dynamite too and which one you want to blow up. The next stage is the caught bonus round. Here, if the policeman catches you, you will be hauled off to jail. You can get a certain number of free spins to go along with winning multipliers to help make it worth your while. There is the choose your car bonus round. You will get to give the police the slip by choosing your car and getting away with the loot.

In the dynamite free spins, you will play with 10 free spins or possibly up to 25 free spins with a five times winning multiplier. The getaway free spins, will start you off with five of them with a triple winning multiplier.

And in part two, high stakes crime is the name of the game. Here, two master art thieves are looking to make the heist and score of the century by stealing precious art. In fact, there are five levels to the second round. To progress to the next level, you will need to get at least four of the masterpiece symbols on the wall. The standard wild symbol will double winning combinations when it lands, for it will replace most of the symbols.

When it comes to the paint selection bonus round, you will be presented with a set of boxes. Here, you must eliminate each box until you find the one containing the masterpiece. Choose wisely, for all the wrong selections will take away from your winnings. When it comes to your pick your tools bonus round, you must endeavor to be the first thief to pick the right tools for the job to steal the masterpiece. Along the way, you will get 10 free spins with a triple winning multiplier.

The next level is the getaway animation. You are on the run from the police. The key is to get three symbols of the getaway car to advance to the next stage. The free spins will start you off with five of them. You can amass even more, all the way up to 10 of them with a triple winning multiplier. The next step is the forgeries bonus round. Once you are here, you will need to pick the right forgeries to win. And when it comes to the final level, the beach or the bastille bonus round, you will need to avoid getting caught trying to sell your masterpiece. Be careful. If you are right with the spin, you will get away scotch free, otherwise you will be headed to jail.

The Power Behind The No Deposit Codes

No deposit codes are quite nice. In fact, it kind of gives you the best of both worlds. You will be able to play the games for a selected amount for a certain amount of time. If you are new to Bovada Casino, the no deposit code is a great way to figure out the goodies that are available here. If you are already a member here, then the no deposit code can be a reinvigorated way to come back into the fold at Bovada Casino.

Right off the bat, if you are a new member that has signed up to Bovada Casino, there is a no deposit worth $25. This no deposit only works on slot games. You will need to head to the cashier and enter the bonus code, TRYME. This will automatically get you up and running. From time to time, there maybe some third party no deposit bonuses that you can use. Again, the key is to enter the bonus code at the cashier to get up and running.

There's Nothing Like Free Money

Blessed and loaded with great slot games, table games, poker and an extensive sports book, Bovada Casino gets you into the loop when it comes to the free money aspect of things. The best way to get some free money at Bovada Casino, are through their promotions. Right off the bat, if you are a new member, there are multiple welcome packages where free money awaits. One is exclusive for Bitcoin, which we will talk about extensively later. Overall, there is the general $3,000 welcome package. On your first three deposits, you are greeted with a matching bonus up to 100%. The total amount you can receive on a matching bonus is $3,000. This is good for slot games and table games. You will need to enter the appropriate bonus codes to unlock the free money.

If you are into sports, there is an extensive free money bonus to use for newcomers. All you have to do is a make your deposit if you are new member, and you will receive a 50% matching bonus up to $250. if poker is your game, then some serious free money is coming your way. A 100% matching bonus for poker is coming your way good for up to $500. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is PWB500.

The Free Chip

We would be remiss if we didn't talk about the free chip and its impact. Free chips works similar to no deposits from the standpoint that you can play slot and table games for some free rounds. Free chips can range from $25 and up. Like the other bonus codes, you will need to enter the appropriate bonus code at the cashier to unlock the free chips. Keep a look out throughout the website and from other services, to see which no deposits are available. There is currently a $20 free chip that is available. The bonus code to enter is TRY20SS.

Getting A Bonus Code Is Easy

If you ever wondered how you go about getting a bonus code, that is quite easy. The best way is to check right here at Bovada Casino for all the latest promotions going on. You can also find some third party sites to find other bonuses. And when you find the bonus code, you will need to head to the cashier and enter it, to unlock the bonus round.

The Power Of Free Play

Another form of popular bonus codes is through free spins. Free spins allows you to play slot games, or certain slot games for a certain amount of free spins with an amount. Free spins rarely work for table games, instead, you will need to use free chips for that. The procedure is the same. You will need to look out throughout the internet for some third party free spins. Once you've found them, enter the bonus code. You will need to adhere to the play through and wager requirements before you can make a withdrawal.

Bring On Bitcoin

And like we mentioned earlier, Bitcoin bonuses are abound here at Bovada Casino. The first one is the $750 Bitcoin sports bonus. It is easy to use. In fact, all you have to do is make your first deposit with Bitcoin. After doing this, you will need to enter the bonus code, BTCSWB750. You can use it for everything but poker.

And then there is the general, Bitcoin bonus for new members too. You can redeem this special bonus up to three times for $3,750. There is a 125% matching to accompany this. All you have to do is to enter the appropriate bonus codes at the cashier.

Making Your Deposits Is Easy

And if you want to win, you've got to get in. Getting in, is quite easy. In fact, all you have to do is choose which banking method. There are many ways to make a deposit. You can use the traditional credit cards to make your deposit. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are all options for you to use. Prior to using the cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier for approval. Once you've done so, the deposits will processed instantly. There are minimum deposits which usually starts at $25. You can also use the debit card equivalents.

Bitcoin, the world's premiere crypto currency is a big time option to use here at Bovada Casino. Bitcoin is the world's premiere crypto currency. It is purely digital and doesn't rely on any banks. Instead all you need with Bitcoin, is a valid Bitcoin wallet to use it. There are many out there on the market, so you will need to some research to find the one that is right for you. Once you find the one that is right for you, you will need to convert some funds into Bitcoin, and then head to the cashier. Remember, there are many Bitcoin promotions out there for you to use.

But there are other banking options. In addition to Bitcoin, you have the derrivitave, Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash requires a Bitcoin wallet, but gives you a little more extra flexibility. Other deposit services involve Zelle. Zelle is a popular money transfer service. You will need to first create an account with Zelle. Once you've done this, you are more than able to use their mobile app services to handle the money transfers. You also have the option of using a voucher to make a deposit too.