4 Seasons Slots

We’re all familiar with the changing seasons, but we’ve never seen them all used to great effect in a slot game before. That all changes with 4 Seasons, an engaging game from Betsoft that also rolls the Chinese zodiac into action. There are thousands of credits to be won here if you get lucky with your spins (750,000 coins at most). How many could you win if you give it a try?

Formatting of reels and paylines

There are five beautifully-rendered reels in shot here, and these provide 30 lines to place some bets on.

Possible wagers

While the game loads with each coin worth 10 cents, you can reduce that to a mere two cents per line if you like. The maximum value is a dollar apiece. Betsoft often allows several coins to be bet per line, and here they allow up to five.

4 Seasons special icons

Watch out for the golden animal element of the game. When it loads, you’ll see a wheel in the corner of the screen. The game begins with one animal in place as the golden animal. With every 30 plays of the game, the animal changes. The gold animal pays 10x the typical prize if you win something. There is a silver one chosen as well, and this will trigger prizes worth 5x the usual value. The ones on both sides will grant a 2x multiplier whenever something is won.

The game provides you with a golden cat as the substitute. You can also look out for the yin-yang scatter, appearing in gold and silver colorings.

Possible bonuses to play

Watch out for block win combinations in the 4 Seasons slot. These can unlock multiplier values to give you a chance to secure bigger wins.

Meanwhile, if you manage to find three or more yin-yang scatters, you will win eight, 12, or even 20 free games. The number won depends on the number of scatters you discovered.

Download and play the 4 Seasons slot now

Our best advice here would be to play the demo version of 4 Seasons. Why? Because it is the best way to see how the golden animals work, and how their varied multipliers can change the value of the prizes you win. Be sure you get the most from your experience when you choose to download and play a few spins of the 4 Seasons slot today.