Reels Riches Fortune Age Slots

Reel Riches is a great name for a slot, but here we get a subtitle too - Fortune Age. This sounds even better, and the appearance of a smiling man with a long mustache and golden headdress in the title image tells us there is much more to come. There is, too, since the game includes two wilds. We love games that have more than one of them, don't you? The first simply says WILD while the second is a Chinese coin. That fits nicely with the theme. The man in the title image also appears on the reels and is one of the best-paying symbols in Reel Riches: Fortune Age.

The game also includes a Wheel Bonus. There are different-colored coins involved here. You get the chance to win anything from the mini jackpot to the mega jackpot, depending on what happens. The pay table reveals more about the requirements for winning each one.

Reel Riches: Fortune Age features five reels, four positions on each reel, and 40 paylines. You also get the chance to see the five major jackpots above the reels as you play. How tempting is that? This is a nice bright game without being overly garish. That is a winner for us, but what do you think? Will this slot game from WMS meet your requirements for a good time?