BetOnSoft Changes its Tune

In a somewhat curious move that hints at a possible platform overhaul, one of the casino gaming marketplace’s most trusted providers, BetOnSoft, has changed its name to Saucify. Well-known for the top-notch gaming services they provide, along with turnkey solutions and online software, this name-change comes at the tail-end of almost a decade (eight years to be more exact) of excellence.

The new logo is certainly more indicative of a smooth and mobile brand, and consists of crisp, thick lettering with a highly-recognizable letter “i”. The logo, when taken in its entirety, seems to encompass the company’s prime directive: to continue serving up premium online gaming and software solutions. After all, the dish is already there with most casino gaming companies; Saucify wants to be the leader in the sauce-substance provided.

A company spokesman reported that the main reason for the change was that BetOnSoft was rather generic, and didn’t sufficiently distinguish them from the other providers in the marketplace. There’s no doubt that “Saucify” is much more action-oriented than “BetOnSoft” ever was; the former’s a verb and the latter’s a noun.

“Our branding, marketing and messaging will all benefit as a result of our new corporate identity.” The spokesman elaborated further: “The name is a perfect fit for what we have done for the past eight years and what we intend to continue doing in the future, spicing up the gaming market with some of the best online casino content for the mobile device and the desktop.”

Company representatives have assured the media that the only thing (currently) that has changed is the name of the brand - the services will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Saucify is simply meant to better characterize the dynamic nature of the company, and separate it from the industry chaff by making it more recognizable. Ultimately, the name change is just one piece of a puzzle that will shape out to be a wider strategic marketing plan.

As for its future prospects - it would be unwise to bet against Saucify. The platform they offer and the popularity of the products has led Fusion-io to describe the company as visionary - high praise from a company that has Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as its Chief Scientist.

Saucify’s software runs almost two dozen online casinos - as of mid-2014, and serves nine different languages. Located in casino gaming haven Curacao, it operates in 29 countries and has dealt out billions of dollars in American money to winners since 2006.