Try Free Online Casino Slots

Many players like to play slot games with a chance to win real prizes. That is reasonable enough - who wouldn't want a chance to pick up a prize in real cash?

Trouble is there are so many slots to choose from and so many approaches to developing them, it can be hard to figure out which ones to play. Since most players have a finite budget to play with, picking the best ones is something you need to be sure you get right first time.

If you start with free online casino slots, you get several advantages you're going to love.

The free version is identical to the real one

The only difference is the lack of prizes. You can get more demo credits if a prize is awarded - you just won't get anything you can withdraw.

However, since the games are otherwise identical, it is a good way to see what you can expect from a slot before you use your budget to play it.

Not all slots match the imagery and excitement seen in the promos

Many slot games are released with promotional videos to highlight the best bits. These videos are designed to capture the attention and entice players to give them a go.

Of course, not all imagery seen in these videos is accurate when compared to the reality of the games themselves. You wouldn't want to spend money playing a game that you didn't like. Trying a demo removes this risk element.

Free slots always provide entertainment

Would it surprise you to discover that some players never move on from the demo games? It's easy to assume everyone plays for real prizes, but that isn't necessarily the case.

If you start with some free games, you may think there is no reason to do anything else. And that's fine - we love free demo games too. You wouldn't be alone in playing the free slots online, and there are certainly hundreds to choose from.

But even if you do eventually move on from the starting point and play real slots for real prizes, tackling any slot you haven't seen before in demo mode first is always a solid idea. Try it in future and see what you think.