How to Find Your Favorite Slot Themes

If we asked you to create a list of 20 slot game themes, you may initially panic and think you couldn’t do it. However, one theme usually leads to a few others, giving you a lot of scope to find countless themes once you’re done with that list. The trickier part, in many ways, is to find your favorite slot themes. Creating a list is one thing, but how many of those themes would you enjoy playing slots for? Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to find your top slot themes.

Read articles on different themes

This makes a lot of sense because you’re already here with us. So, you can see what you think of the themes and learn more about them at the same time. We’ve written articles comparing various themes, writing about mixed themes, and pondering how you might create new and unusual ones.

Play as many demo games as you can

No one has the budget to play enough slot games to get the feel for even one theme, let alone several. One of the most practical ways you can learn more about a series of themes is to try as many demo games as you can get your hands on. Most developers give players a chance to try those games rather than committing to the real ones without being able to learn more about them. This is great news for you because you can choose some of the themed games to see how they tend to roll.

Make a shortlist

There are popular themes such as pirates, Christmas, Halloween, seasonal themes, Aztecs, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and so on. You also have lots of games based around unusual themes. Some also mix themes. We spotted one based in a haunted hospital, while another used a DIY theme. We haven’t seen too many of those around. The more demo slots you play on various themes, the easier it is going to be to work out which slots you most enjoy. The shortlist will help you get your thoughts and themes in order.

Be ready for some surprises

We love themed slot games and we’re sure there are themes out there for everyone. However, don’t expect to find regular themes out there all the time. If a software developer decides to throw two themes together, you could get some unusual gameplay. Our final tip? Make sure you try as many themes and demo slots as you can. We’ve been amazed at how surprising and delightful some of the more questionable-looking slots were. And yes, some have made it onto our list of favorites. Which slots might make it onto your list of themed favorites, we wonder?