Fairytale Legends Series

Unless you haven't played slots in a long time, you have probably heard of the Fairytale Legends series of games from NetEnt. This series now numbers three in size, featuring Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Mirror Mirror.

All slot game series are worth looking at, but this must surely be one of the best ones in recent times. We love it, and we cannot wait to see whether NetEnt delivers a fourth game in the series, even though they've only just released the third. The series really is that good, and we thought we would find out why.

Every game is of very high quality

Top-quality graphics and gameplay are important in every slot game, no matter what the theme might be. You will always enjoy a game far more if you aren't sitting there feeling disappointed at the lack of quality or the sharpness of the graphics.

Fairytale Legends slots all have a superb look and feel to them. When they load, you'll want to find out more. They're that irresistible!

The characters in each game are already familiar to us

You will meet Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, and Snow White, the latter of whom appears in the new Mirror Mirror slot. The characters are all well-known, which means we immediately have a sense of what to expect before we begin play. That doesn't mean there are no surprises involved, of course - it just means we can expect to enjoy some stories we already know.

There are multiple special features in each game

These games have some similarities, but there are also features that are unique to each one. For example, Mirror Mirror includes a Mirror Respin feature. Each game has random features too. Some are identical between the games, such as the Fairy Magic Spin. Others are tailored to the theme of the game you are playing.

The best bit is that each game has a selection of features to look for. Red Riding Hood includes a Beware the Wolf bonus we love. This takes you to a board game where your task is to go through five locations. You can collect coins as you go that will amount to your prize.

If you haven't tried any of these games yet, look them up today. They could have a fairytale ending for you if you win some prizes.