Universal Monsters Slots Series

Universal Monsters is a series that dates to 2011, believe it or not. If you missed the original slot release that started the series (more about that in a moment), you should add it to your list of exciting slots to play.


The monster everyone loves, right? This was the inspiration for the first slot release in the Universal Monsters series. This five-reel game boasts 20 paylines and features images of the Monster, Dr Frankenstein, Fritz, and a brain in a jar.

The game includes a Lightning Wild that might appear on the middle three reels. If it does, it will also electrify at least two other adjacent symbols into wilds. Meanwhile, the free spins feature includes multipliers, a Fire Wild feature, and additional spins to try and win as well.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Everyone knows this famous movie title, even if they have never seen it. The game has the same quantity of reels and lines as Frankenstein. Kay, David, Carl, and Lucas all appear on the reels.

There is a wild icon represented by the game logo itself, while a watery-looking free spin icon must appear three times to trigger some free games. The wild will trigger a free respin whenever it appears. When you win the free games, you can try and hit the creature itself by shooting harpoons at it. The more hits you achieve, the more wild features you will enjoy during the subsequent spins.

The Phantom's Curse

We were treated to this new release in January 2018. Since then, it has proven itself to be a worthy addition to the Universal Monsters slot games series. This one packs in five reels with four icons on each, adding 40 fixed lines to the mix as well.

The game takes place inside the famous theater, where you will try and spot the infamous mask the Phantom wears. It appears on its own as a wild here. The chandelier also plays a vital role in this slot as it does in the story. Here, it behaves as a scatter. You will also get a Masked Phantom Respin and a chance to trigger a bonus involving roses and mirrors.

There are other games to discover in this series as well. Explore the entire Universal Monsters collection of slot games today and see if you can figure out which one is your favorite.