Hallmark Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Although still relatively knew to the online casino scene, Hallmark Casino has wasted no time, carving a niche as a go to spot for online gamblers. As soon as you logon, it becomes quite clear why Hallmark Casino draws great interest. One of those reasons are their top tier games which are powered by industry giant, Betsoft gaming. We'll talk more about Betsoft's hit slot games a little bit later on in this article, but the great slate of slot games is definitely, the hallmark, pun intended, here at Hallmark Casino.

And while the slot games no doubt, covers a lot of territory, it would be a mistake to at least no mention their stellar rosters of table games and specialty games. When it comes to the table games, you can easily fall in love with the likes of classic blackjack, pontoon blackjack, pirate blackjack, and yet so much more blackjack titles. There is also a bevy of poker titles, with an entire section just for video poker titles. When it comes to video poker, you a great amount of titles like Deuces Wild, Jacks Or Better, and Joker Poker are but a few games available in the video poker section. There are many versions of roulette available too, including American and European roulette. There is even baccarat.

Btu there are many more ways that Hallmark Casino has made itself a hallmark in the online casino world. Another popular component to this casino, are their extensive promotions to help unlock the full power and wonders of the game. When it comes to the promotions, there is a little something for everybody, including the super generous welcome package of a 250% matching bonus, plus free chips to go along with it. For regular members, there is the 500% deposit bonus when you deposit at least $50. There are in fact, a series of deposit bonuses, ranging from 200% to 500%. There are also a lot of free chips involved with these promotions as well, which we will talk about in more detail a bit further on.

And one more thing about the promotions, the bonus codes are well detailed here, and you can easily use them with the cashier. The cashier is always open and is more than waiting to receive the bonus codes. The cashier is also where you begin the process of making withdrawals.

Another hallmark, again, pun intended when it comes to Hallmark Casino, is their top of the line, VIP program. The most loyal of members here are more than rewarded and pampered. When it comes to the VIP club, there is a multi tiered system. In fact, there are five unique levels when it comes to the VIP. The first level is the bronze level where everyone gets to when they make their first deposit. The second level is the silver level. Then after that you have the gold level, followed by the platinum level, and then there is the almighty Rhodium level. Each level comes with its own set of perks and benefits for the user. As you can see, the comp points is the key to moving up the ranks here when it comes to the VIP system.

Last but not least, another unheralded and important hallmark to Hallmark Casino, are the great avenues of finding the help you deserve. You can always get in touch with the customer support staff anytime you like via phone, live chat and email. And for those who need easier and faster access to help, there is a frequently asked questions page which breaks down all the common questions and issues pertaining to Hallmark Casino.

What Are Some Of The Best Slots Games To Play

Hallmark Casino takes their slot games very seriously. Again, Betsoft is the gaming engine behind these marvelous five reel slot games. With so many great titles in tow, we will try to break down in detail some of the key slot games to keep a look out for. We begin with The Golden Owl Of Athena, a state of the art five reel game that puts the Greek Goddess, Athena, front and center stage. Right away, when you first begin game play, you are immediately swept up with the heavenly music and the ambient sound effects. What makes this game, one of the best slot games to play, are the numerous high paying icons, starting with Athena's golden owl. This adorable creature will pay out nicely during regular game play, along with ushering you into a multi level play of free spins. All in all, you can play up to 20 free spins. And during the free spins round, a random symbol will be chosen, and if enough of them land, it will expand over the reels. But the hits keep on coming when it comes to The Golden Owl Of Athena. Athena is a high powered symbol will shell out a lot of coin when she lands on the reels too. And what makes The Golden Owl Of Athena an intriguing slot game to play, and one of the best for that matter, is the ability to try to double up your wins after you win, which requires risking a considerable amount of your winnings.

The hits keeps on coming when it comes to Hallmark Casino. Mamma Mia, is yet one of the marque slot games that members can't get enough of when they play here. The pressure is on for you to guide Salvatore in his kitchen, to whip up the perfect meal to appease the acclaimed food critic. What makes this game a gem to play, is that the action takes place right in the kitchen, complete with Salvatore interacting and reacting to make the right meal. It goes without saying that one of the highlights is the mighty pizza pie that will make many a great slice in the free spins round where the icons all become pizza making ingredients. But what makes Mamma Mia, one of the great and best slot games to play, are its numerous bonus rounds. We've just talked about the pizza free spins round, now it's time to briefly mention the other bonus rounds, including the food cover bonus round, where you pick among food for your prize. There is also the locking wilds feature where you can gain extra prizes in this regard too. Next but not least, are the great icons including the master chef himself and the art critic, all of whom who pays out nicely.

Do you believe in monsters? What about the boogeyman? Well all of members who play here at Hallmark Casino most certainly does, which is why Ned And His Friends, remains a popular slot game to play here at Hallmark Casino. Ned is the troubled protagonist who wonders all around the house in this 3D affair. This game is filled with, you guessed it, cute monsters along with Ned's rodent friends. The rats are quite cute, so cute that they are the main impetus of the free spins round. The rats also steal the spotlight when it comes to rat tail click me feature where you click on a rat tail to reveal your prize. And yes, these adorable rats actually sing on the reels for this special bonus round as well.

Have you ever wanted to be a rock star? Well, Hallmark Casino gives you your chance at virtual stardom with Rock Star, a mega popular five reel slot game where you take the stage as a premiere rocker. Through 30 pay lines, the undeniable sounds of rock n' roll are your ticket to fame. What makes Rock Star a special and beloved slot game to play is that it puts you on center stage, completely immersed in the world of the rock star with band members, groupies and so much more. You can bet on each tune of the reels, or take advantage of the innovative feature, max bet where you can bet on bringing down the house on each spin. But what keeps the crowd, in this case, the members here at Hallmark Casino, coming back for more, are the two bonus rounds. The first bonus round is the epic solo bonus round which comes with its own set of unique rewards and bonuses. The other bonus round is the ticket feature. Here, you will play a mini game feature where you can win some extra prizes. And of course, the main game icons in Rock Star Slots, are rock stars themselves which makes this a gem of a game to play.

For those who are in love with Greek mythology, Rise Of Poseidon remain an all time great slot game here at Hallmark Casino. The name says it all, Poseidon, the mighty Greek god of the water takes center stage. What makes this game an all time great is that not only is Poseidon the main wild, but he is the expanding wild on top of that. Across 30 pay lines, you will discover the awesome might of Poseidon's waters. There is also an engaging, if not heroic free spins round where you can play with up to 36 free spins. And of course you can expect to feel the full might of Poseidon's trident. The shark is also the jackpot symbol in the game.

By no means is Rise Of Poseidon the only great sea fairing slot that is enjoyed here at Hallmark Casino. We go from Poseidon to deep Under The Sea, yet another fantastic, and popular slot here at Hallmark Casino. Somewhat lighter in tone, the game play centers around the mermaid. There are even ambient bubbles that float up and down the reels. The mermaid is a high paying symbol on top fo the many different species of fish. You can best believe that the pearl is the wild symbol. There is a multi prong free spins round here as well. The more scatters that you get to land, the greater the number of free spins you will play with. All in all you can play with up to 15 free spins. And of course, the treasure chest will put you into the bonus round where you pick among chests for extra bonuses.

For those who want the complete Vegas experience, there is no need to pack a bag, book a flight or a hotel room, for all the wonder and might of Las Vegas is coming straight to you with Sin City Nights, a blockbuster slot game that has become a fan favorite here at Hallmark Casino. There are many reasons why members keep on coming back for more here when it comes to this gambler's paradise with all the neon lights. For starters, there are beautiful show girls that do more than hang out on the reels. She is the key to possibly helping you double up your winning totals with the correct flip of a coin toss. The glitz and the glamour is all packed in with all the mighty game icons that lands on the reels. Sin City Nights, truly makes its mark as one of the best slots, because it is not merely enough to just win here. Win you win, the winning icons will explode while the others will drop down onto the reels for even larger wins. Going even further are the win multiplier trails. Fore each successful exploding win icon, the winning multiplier will increase in both regular game play, and as well as the free spins. And when it comes to the free spins, the winning multiplier will increase by a factor of three.

If you are interesting in getting your fortune read, then the game to play is Gypsy Rose. Gypsy Rose is an alternative 5 reel game, where the intoxicating fortune teller takes center stage. Step into the Gypsy camp where the lovely fortune teller stands ready on the reels to read your fortune. Of course, the crystal ball is wild and is instrumental in unlocking some special bonus round and features in the game. The magic potion is the ticket into the free spins round. The crow is the one for special re spins. There is a magic book which plays a roll in the tarot card reading bonus. And of course, the Gypsy herself has her own special bonus round where you must match up the right tarot cards. There is even the opportunity to try to double your wins to the tune of some sweet Gypsy music.

Have you ever wanted to visit Paris, but you are little short on cash then your prized destination is none other than A Night In Paris, an interesting 3D slot game where the detective is hot on the heels of a master burglar and thief. The game play takes place at night which gives you a panoramic view of iconic Parisian icons like the Eiffel tower. The main heroes are the detective and his faithful hound. This game is one of the best slot games to play thanks to the interesting bonus rounds. The highlight is the free spins round where you catch the thief in the act try to steal precious art.

The thrills of high Paris life continues with After Night Falls, another captivating 3D slot that centers on the crime aspect of Parisian night life. This time, the determined detective must catch up with the burglar that is loose on the streets of Paris. This game comes packed with powerful free spins where you can play with up to 25 of them, plus the opportunity to play detective when it comes to finding the clues of the burglar, and likewise, you get to play the burglar trying to steal clues to avoid detection.

Now Onto The Mega Popular Slots

Just when you think you've seen the best of Hallmark Casino, you are about to realize that the best has yet to come with tremendous slot games like Spinfinity Man. If you've ever wanted to be a super hero, now's your chance with this hero oriented game that is determined to save the metropolis. This game is a departure from the usual five reel game. Instead, there are series of clusters with animated symbols that comes to life when you win. The game play takes place in a fictional metropolis, not unlike the one that Superman has made famous. The main character himself hovers on the reels.

Spinfinity Man takes winning to a new heights. Not only do you just win, rather the wins explode for cluster wins which can lead to newer and bigger wins that keeps on exploding on the reels. The main man, the main character is Spinfinity himself. There are many different versions of him, so the one that lands on the reels will help determine what exactly you will win. When Spinfinity Man lands on the reels, one of five super powers will be revealed on the reels. The first one is the laser eye beam, which is equivalent to Superman's heat vision. He will either burn away two rows or two columns to help with your rewards. And then there is the double eye vision. In this case, he will sear away either two rows or two columns from where it appeared which can lead to larger rewards.

From eye heat beams we go to the icy blast where Spinfinity Man will literally shatter symbols around him. And when it comes to the doubly icy blast, he will shatter the area around two symbols and icons. Last but not least, you have the telepathy where Spinfinity Man will remove a certain class of symbol from around the reels.

One of the hallmarks to Spinfinity Man, are the numerous bonus rounds. One such bonus round consists of the fan girl fame. Here, your biggest fan gets more and more excited for each cluster win you manage to pull off. When you get five or more of cluster explosive wins in a single spin, you will commence the fan girl feature where a random number of symbols will explode in turn for instant wins. And every great hero needs a great villain, is what you will get when it comes to Mr. X. In fact, you will need to catch him in his own elusive bonus round. When it comes to the catch Mr. X feature, you will need to catch up with the archnenemy himself, when you follow the right icons that he leaves in his wake each and every time he lands on the reels. When this happens, you will begin the free spins round.

Mr. X owns the free spins round. When you begin here, you will start with 10 free spins. When Mr. X lands on the reels, one of many super powers will be revealed to you. One of those is the laser arm cannon. Here he will either burn away two rows or two columns to help boost your chances of winning. There is the super arm cannon which will actually sear away two rows or two columns. Mr. X follows all that up with the bomb which will blow away a cell around him. There is also the devastation bomb which will blow up around two cells around him. Last but not least, there is the x ray with Mr. X which will zap all the like symbols on the reels to make way for bigger and better ones.

There are many high paying symbols that mostly resembles kryptonite, which all pays out quite nicely, especially when you land them in a bunch. There is the super wild which will substitute for other symbols with the exception of Spinfinity Man and Mr. X. So there you have it. The stage is set for you to save the day with Spinfinity Man. There is even a captivating sound track. There is an auto play button where you can set your spins up in a sequence so you can focus on saving the day.

The Power Of Heist Slots

If you ever wanted to live the thrills and the dangers of a master bank robber, now is your chance thanks to Heist Slots, a five reel dapper of a slot game that puts you squarely in the shoes of a master bank robber with the determined detective hot on his heels. This game has it all to help you become a master success with the bank vault at stake. There is even a captivating soundtrack to help get the party started. Fittingly enough, the game play takes place inside the bank vault itself. All of the game icons reflect the mood of the master bank robber, with the bank robber himself being a high paying symbol. In fact, he will pay out 500 credits for getting five of him to land on the pay line. The determined detective is another high paying symbol who will reward you with 400 credits for five of him on the pay line. The diamonds will also pay out quite nicely too. Up to 300 credits are coming your way for five of them on the pay line. The other game icons include the gun, the bag of money, the calculator and the vault papers. The goal is to get three of a like symbol to score a win.

The Heist is full of many exciting bonus rounds. The first bonus round of note is the glass cutter feature. You play in this bonus round when you get three of this symbol on the pay line. When this happens, you will pick one of the glass cutters to reveal one of your prizes, which maybe free prizes, a ticket to the second bonus round or bonus credits. When it comes to the free spins, your wins will be doubled. Things get explosive when the c4 lands on the center of the second reel. When this happens, a big bank will go off which will reveal a two times winning multiplier. Going even further, the reel where the explosion took place on, may remain locked as a complete wild reel which will lead to additional wins. Keep your eyes on the scatter drills for this is the key to playing in the scatter drills bonus round. The more drills that land, the greater the impact of the scatter symbol. Three of the scatter drills will reward you with 150 credits. Four of them will grant you 300 credits, and the almighty five of them will reward you with 750 credits. And last but not least, is the mighty bank vault bonus round. Here, you will need to get at least three of the bank vault icons to land on the reels. When this happens, you assume the mantle of Neil, the master bank robber himself as he actually breaks into the bank vault. You will need to choose the method to break into the vault and make haste before the determined detective catches up to you, ending your crime caper career.

Outside of that, the stage is set when it comes to Heist for you to make the caper of a lifetime. There is an info button where you can easily review the game icons and their respective amounts. Feel free to spin the reels on your own, or you can use the auto play button to set the spins in a sequence. There are coin size buttons where you can tweak the coin sizes to your liking. There are pay line arrows which helps you adjust the number of pay lines per spin as well. You can even turn the soundtrack on and off to your liking.

Going Fishing With The Angler

If you ever want to get away and play fishing, now's your chance with The Angler, a quaint and charming five reel slot game where you get to hang out on the reels all day with your best bud, the Angler himself. Right away, you will get greeted with some nice playing music with the Angler ready to go on the pier. All of the game icons are about the mood and joy of fishing. There are many different types of fish waiting to be caught. The goal is to get three of a kind of that fish to score a victory. The shark pays out nicely too. He will give you 200 credits for getting five of it on the pay line. The fisherman himself pays out nicely too. He will shell out 350 credits for getting five of him on the pay line.

The angry octopus is the wild symbol in the game. When he lands he will double winning combinations, replacing the icons with the exception of the scatter symbol. It won't replace the bonus symbol as well. The wild symbol will only land on the second, third and fourth reels as well as the fifth reels. Now when it comes to the free spins, the octopus will act as a clingy wild, meaning that when they land, they will remain on the reels, greatly helping and adding to your wins.

When it comes to the free spins, you will need to get three of the oysters to land on the reels. Actually, it will only land on the third, fourth and fifth reels. And in the free spins round, you can amass additional free spins with a certain winning multiplier. But there is more to The Angler than just the free spins. There is also the bonus round where you actually go fishing. In order to get into the bonus round, you will need to get at least three of the bonus symbols to land on the first, second and third reels. Simply put, the name of the game is to go fishing and pull out as many fish as you can. You can either do this with fishing them out, or having The Angler himself, scoop out the fish. The more you haul out, the more you will win. And right of the top of the bat, you are granted with 20 credits.

The name of the game in this charming fishing game, is to get three of a like symbol to land on the reels. The other icons including the fishing ones, are the aces, kings, queens, queens and jacks. Everything you need is right on the game screen to help you have a productive and winning environment when you go fishing. There is a pay table button where you can review the game icons. And of course there are pay line buttons and coin size buttons to help you adjust your bets in the game. You can even use the auto play feature to place your bets in a sequence.

True Illusions Slots Is The Greatest Magic Show On Earth

Care for magic? Well take a front row seat to the greatest, virtual magic show on Earth when it comes to True Illusions. When it comes to True Illusions, this five reel game centers on the master magician himself. In fact, he hangs out on the reels, in front of the magnificent curtain, waiting to frazzle dazzle you as you stand to win big. All of the game icons is about the wonderful and powerful world of the magician. The assistant is a high powered icon. Getting five of her to land on the pay line will reward you with 500 credits. Next to her, you have the chest which will pay out 300 credits. The fake guillotine will reward you with 200 credits for five of it on the pay line. The magic coin is nice to the winning category as well, producing 125 credits for five of it on the pay line. When it comes to the wild symbol, look no further than the official wild symbol itself. It will replace most of the game icons with the exception of the scatter symbol, and it will at least double your wins. But there is more than meets the eye when it comes to True Illusions.

When you get three of the wild symbols on the center reel, then the entire reel will become a completely wild reel for a certain amount of free spins. All in all, you can get an amazing seven free spins when the reel becomes locked. One of the greatest magic tricks is the mighty free spins round themselves. To get into the free spins round, you will need to get at least three of the magician himself to land on the reels. When you play in the free spins round, in an interesting aspect, the reels will cascade down, meaning that win you score a winning combination, that will vanish as it moves down, making way for newer combinations to keep on winning.

The next bonus round of note is the pick a card feature. Here, the master magician himself will offer you up to three cards to pick from. The card you pick, will reveal your bonus. The stage is completely set to help you pull off the greatest magic trick. All of the game necessities are available on the game screen. For starters, you can adjust the game settings and the ambiance such as reel speed and the like. Feel free to place your own bets or use the auto play mode to set them up in a sequence so you can sit back and take in the greatest magic show on earth. Of course, when you are ready to go for all the marbles, the max bet spin is right there for you to go for broke. There are coin size buttons and pay line arrows to help you get the coin value and the pay lines to your liking. Bet on one of them, or all of them on each spin. There is a pay table button to go over the game icons and their respective values as well. And of course, you will be able to adjust the music too as the True Illusion magician hangs out on the reels, spewing magic and fire for your entertainment.

Experience The Power Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Ever since the original novel came out breaking down the timeless tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the world has never gotten enough of this twisted and sordid game. But when it comes to the slot game version, this timeless classic gets new life with its rewards and then some. The game play takes place in his office with the powerful doctor hanging out on the reels. The wild symbol is the official game logo. It will only land on the first, third and fifth reels. It is also the key to launching the bonus rounds which we will talk a little about. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are very high paying symbols in the game. Five of either one of them, will shell out 1,250 credits on the pay line.

The hallmark of this game, are the numerous bonus rounds that are available here. The first one involved Dr. Jekyll himself. The key is to get him to land on the third reel, while the red potion lands on the second and the fourth reels, then all the Jekyll, Hyde and the logos will become wild Hydes. The screen will then rumble with the symbols swirling and landing on other sides of the reels. And the icons land in their new position, new wins will come in. Next to Dr. Jekyll, there is the Mr. Hyde feature. Now when it comes to Mr. Hyde, he will only land on the third reel, along with the blue potion falling on the second and fourth reels, you will then play this dark bonus round. In this case, you will get a special bonus which can add up to 20 times your bet placed. On top of that, there is random winning multiplier that ranges from five to 20 times your bet placed.

And when it comes to the free spins, you will gain access to this when the meter during regular game play gets filled. It gets filled, specifically by collecting red potions on the reels. You will need to get at least 10 of these potions to fill the meter. The free spins mode will end, when you collect enough of the blue potions. The blue potions are heavier than the red ones, so all it takes is getting five of it to land on the reels to end the free spins mode.

But there is more to the bonus rounds. It's time to go on a frenzy when it comes to the frenzy bonus. In this case, it takes getting a Mr. Hyde, along with a logo with another Mr. Hyde symbol to land in that order on the second, third and fourth reels. So what does the frenzy bring? How about, having Mr. Hyde going on a rampage through the streets of London. You must avoid the police to get a chance to win up to a 66 times winning multiplier. And then there is the Potion bonus side of things where you get to play and experience the side of Dr. Jekyll. It takes landing him, along with a wild, and him again on the second, third and fourth reels in that order. Here, the heat is on to put together the right peaces to create an anti serum. The faster you put it together, the greater the prize will be. You can win up to a 160 times winning multiplier.

The Secret To No Deposit Codes

Who doesn't love no deposit codes. We know we sure do. The beauty of no deposit codes is that you can play many, if not all of the great slot games for free for a limited amount of time. From time to time, there are third party no deposit bonuses where you can enjoy Hallmark Casino if you are a new player, or you can fall back in love with it, if you are a veteran player. The majority of no deposit codes here, actually falls into the free chip category which we will talk about shortly.

Bring On The Free Money

Who doesn't like free money? Well, get your feel of free money with the great free money promotions available here. Right off the top of the bat, if you are a newcomer, there is an over the top welcome package where you can get all the free money that you can eat. All in all, there is a 900% matching bonus worth of free money, up to a $1,000. It breaks down to a 250% bonus on your first deposit. The bonus code to enter at the cashier is WIN250. Your second deposit offers a 300% matching bonus worth of free money. The code to enter for the cashier is WIN300. Your third deposit gives it up with a 350% matching bonus. Again, the code to enter is WIN350. There is also a series of free money bonuses with additional matching bonuses. If you are into the Oscars, then by all means take a bow with the 500% matching bonus worth of free money. The code to enter at the cashier is OSCARS. You will need to deposit $50 or more to pull this off.

Let it snow all year long with the 350% deposit bonus which also comes with a free chip which we will talk a bout, a bit further on. There is the bonus code to enter at the cashier, SNOW350. If you've made your deposit using American Express, there is an extra dose of free money coming your way. Not only will you get a 500% matching bonus worth of free money, there is an additional 200% bonus worth of free money that doesn't come with any rules. You will need to deposit at least $50.

Did we tell you that Hallmark Casino has a series of free money bonuses? There is even more. There is the 400% deposit bonus which adds up to free money. QB400 is the bonus code to unlock this free money feature. There is the slightly less free money bonus worth 375% matching bonus. The code to enter is QB375. You also have the 300% and the 350% bonuses worth of free money. QB350 and QB300, are the bonus codes to enter. And every month, you can indulge your sweet tooth worth of free money with the 300% matching bonus worth of free money to be used for the hit slot game, Super Sweets.

There Are Many Free Chips To Keep You Occupied

Now, when it comes to the free chips, Hallmark Casino has the bases loaded all the time. There are many free chip bonuses actually in house. Free chips is free money in the sense, that they can be used either on slot games but also table games too. We've talked briefly about the table games, but it bears repeating that the free chips can be used on the likes of blackjack, classic blackjack and great roulette games like American and European roulette.

For starters, when you first sign up, there is a free chip worth $50. New members are eligible for this without making an actual deposit. The promo code to enter at the cashier is WELCOME50. Regular members are in store for an exclusive $75 free chip to be used on the slot game or the table game of your choice. The bonus code to enter is SNOW75. Again, if you've made your deposit with American Express, then you are in store for a free chip worth $100. But the free chip bonuses keep on coming. For starters, there is the $100 free chip. You will need to deposit at least $100. The bonus code to enter is DIRECT100. Likewise, there is the $75 free chip for regular members as well. The requirement is to deposit at least $75. The code to enter is DIRECT75. The free chips keeps on coming with the $50 and $30 free chips bonuses respectively. Again, you will need to deposit either $50 or $30 to make it work. DIRECT50 and DIRECT30, are the codes to enter. Again, if you want to indulge on your sweet tooth, then there is the $75 free chip promotion. The code for the cashier is SWEET75.

How Do You Get Bonus Codes

There are two ways to get your bonus codes. The primary way is in house. As you should know by now, Hallmark Casino is serious about their bonus codes. Check back frequently to see the latest. The other way, is to find third party bonus codes. They tend to be abundant so they shouldn't be hard to find.

Free Play Is In The House

Another important form of free play bonus codes, are free spins. Free spins can be used to play either a particular slot game, a new slot game, or all of the slot games. Free spins is the great way to help break in a new slot game so it can take root.

Don't Forget About Bitcoin

Bitcoin, is the premiere crypto currency. It is also a major option to make deposits here at Hallmark Casino. It is only fitting that all of the promotions that we've mentioned, also applies to Bitcoin. The no deposit bonuses also applies to Bitcoin. In fact, there is an exclusive Bitcoin bonus. When you deposit at least $30, you are eligible for a 400% matching bonus for Bitcoin. Likewise, if you deposit more than $100 with Bitcoin, then the 450% matching bonus is in store for you. The promo codes to enter at the cashier is BTC400 and BTC450. Last but not least, is the special re deposit bonus if you use Bitcoin. This amounts to a 250%, matching bonus, with a requirement of depositing at least $30 with Bitcoin.

Making Your Deposits Is Easy

Hallmark Casino makes it a breeze to make deposits to get into the game. They offer many ways in which to do so. You can use major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard and American Express as well to get into the game. Prior to using these cards, you will need to fill out a credit card authorization form to be submitted to the cashier. You can also use the debit card versions to these credit cards. The minimum deposit is $30. The maximum deposit per outing is $1,000.

We mentioned it before, but Bitcoin is a major deposit option here. Bitcoin of course is the world's number one crypto currency. It is purely digital, meaning that there is no ties to banks. It runs on its own set of currency that runs on the block chain technology. In order to use Bitcoin, you will need to find and use the Bitcoin wallet of your liking. There are many Bitcoin wallets out there to choose from, so you will need to some research in finding one.

The beauty of the Bitcoin wallets is that is adds an extra encryption to the Bitcoin transactions for further security. Once you've made your selection, the next step is to convert some funds into Bitcoin and then head to the cashier to make your deposit. The other ways to make a deposit here at Hallmark Casino includes bank and wire transfer. Understand, that these last two modes don't process deposits instantly and it normally comes with a transaction fee when using them.

Another method to make deposits include QB Direct. QB Direct combines the power of traditional credit cards along with the advantages of crypto currencies. With this method, you are purchasing in fact, Bitcoin Cash with either your Visa or MasterCard. Indecently, the minimum deposit with Bitcoin is $50. The max is $1,000. If you are using bank wire, the minimum deposit with this is $500, with the maximum of $2,000. Bank checks requires a minimum deposit of $200 with the maximum deposit of $1,500 per transaction. Again, anytime of the day or night when you make your deposit, the cashier is always open. And for help or questions, the cashier is there to receive them to help you, or you can get in touch with the customer support team.