Download Flash and Mobile at Mission 2 Game

Although all the online casino gamers that visit this spot speak of it in the highest terms and recommend you download the casino software to get full access and benefits, Mission 2 Game is a firm believer that games should be for everyone. That’s why you can play their Slots and table Games immediately – without waiting the few minutes for a download – if you have a Windows or Apple computer. This Flash option lets you play right from your browser – all you need is an internet connection. Many players use this free option to hone their skills and familiarity with the Slots to come; but just remember, if you win big in Flash mode, it doesn’t translate to extra coins in your pocket until you download the casino software for free and start playing. For all you people who are constantly on the move, Mission 2 Game hasn’t left you out of the loop. Their mobile option lets you play on your Android or iOS device, so that you can fire up your tablet on a train or your Smartphone while standing in a long line. Just imagine what it would be like to win some big bucks at a Slot like the aptly-named Lucky Money; all while standing in line. Soft Magic Dice really outdid themselves with this one, which has 5 reels and 20 paylines of whimsical fun. Animated pigs, rabbits and even dragons serve as the symbols on the reels, along with a horse and rat – yes, a rat. But never mind that – the game has it all; there’s a Multiplier symbol, a Wild, a Scatter, a Bonus Game and Free Spins to make your life easier and pockets heavier. So head on over to Mission 2 Game Casino and play for free on their Flash platform, or download the software to give yourself a shot at winning next month’s rent or perhaps a new car. The mobile option is fully functional with loads of Table Games, Slots, Video Poker and Specialty Games.