Some Online Casinos FAQ

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People who are new to casinos usually have a lot of questions that need answering, especially when it comes to the language or jargon that the casino uses which may not make sense, other issues are software and gambling requirements. We present to you some of the common questions that are asked by new casino players.

What is Needed To Be Able to Play An Online Casino Game?

Basically what is needed is an internet connection and a computer. The variety of devices that connect to the internet can range from PCs, including Macs, smart-phones and iPads and other mobile devices. If you plan to play for real money you will need access a payment process or and funds in your account.

How Can I Register At An Online Casino?

The registration process requires your personal information, this includes your name, address, a user-name and a password. Some casino ask for proof of residence in the form passport and or a utility bill. All casinos are required by law to have secure protection to protect your personal information. Most casinos go to great lengths to protect their clients personal details.

How Can I Make A Deposit In An Internet Casino?

There are several methods of uploading money to an online casino, and each casino may have different and acceptable payment forms, so its a good idea to make sure that the site you choose will allow your preferred payment method. Most casinos will offer players a large variety of deposit options, these can range from credit cards to various e-wallets. Check to find out if some some time to clear or if your preferred processor and will allow your deposit to be made immediately.

Will I Be Able to Track My Previous Deposits And Withdrawals?

Most definitely you will be able to track your payment and withdrawal history, this is usually easy to access at the touch of a button.

How Quickly Can I Cash Out My Winnings?

That will depend on the method you chose to deposit your funds and if you used a deposit bonus. Some of the e-wallets take time to clear, some casinos also allow you to play on the tables before the deposit is cleared. If they have allowed you to enjoy the tables before clearance they will place a block on withdrawals until your deposit is cleared. Each casino has different rules so its best to read their terms and conditions before making a deposit.

What Deposit Methods Can I Use and Are Available?

That will depend on your location, generally most Credit Cards are welcomed at all the online casinos. Other popular e-wallet deposit methods such as Netteller, Skrill, UKash and others check the casino and see what they have on offer.

What Withdrawal Methods an I use and Are Available?

Once again location is considered, check the casino what they have available, some countries allow you to withdraw to your Credit Card, others don’t, eCheck is one of the popular ones that most casinos use, if you have used a e-wallet to deposit you will likely be able to withdraw to receive withdrawals to that one.

Withdrawal Limits?

Most casino have withdrawal limits, check with the casino what limits they have daily, weekly or monthly. High Rollers are often offered higher withdrawal limits compared to regular players.

What are Welcome Bonuses?

Casinos use the welcome bonus to get players to join their casino and become paying customers. The offers usually match a percentage of your first deposit amount when signing up. If you want to get the best then its a good idea to search for casinos that have the highest welcome bonuses, so you can get as much money into your casino account as possible. There are some bonuses that are 400% which means for a $1,000 deposit you can play with $4,000

Can The Bonus Money be Withdrawn?

Bonus money cannot be withdrawn immediately, depending on the casino’s wagering requirements that need to be met before cash-out can occur. This might seem like a heavy toll to enjoy that bonus, but its not that bad. Remember that most casino have a payout percentage of around 95%, and if you make a profit then that profit is yours.

What Age Do I Have To Be To Register?

There are no age limits for free games, money games is a different situation, depending on the state, or country you reside in, the age restriction is from 18 years or 21 years.

Can I Play For Free?

Most casino offer online games for free, this gives you an opportunity to test the games and see how they work and their payout rate before putting real money on the game. Remember, to earn real money you have to bet real money.

Online Casino’s safety and security

On the whole most casinos have very strict safety and security measures in place. Check the casino you wish to play if they have the highest level of encryption services, e.g. 128-bit SSL, this is to protect your personal and financial information.

How can I Know if A Casino Game's Outcome Is Random?

The RNG (Random number Generator) is used by all verified online casino. Certified RNG’s ensure that the games are fair and that all spins, cards, and results are totally arbitrary. Casinos don’t need to cheat, they already have an advantage.