Here’s What You Need to Know About Online Progressive Slots

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Visit any online casino and there is a reasonable chance you'll spot a few progressive jackpot slots somewhere in the game collection. Some casinos have many more than others, but there are certainly going to be a few to spot.

Before you play these games, it is important to understand how they work and what you need to be aware of. We've distilled the most important elements into one convenient article for you.

There can be one or more progressive prizes to be won

A standard progressive slot has one prize available. This gradually gets bigger over time, as a small slice of each real wager is placed into the pot. Eventually, someone hits the exact combo of symbols required to appear on the reels to trigger the payout.

However, some slots now have two or more progressive jackpots available. It's not uncommon now to find a slot game with four jackpots up for grabs.

The RTP can be lower if a progressive prize is involved

This type of slot game requires a slice of each bet to go towards the progressive prize. That can influence the return to player value for the game. It means that either the spin bet must be higher or the return to player over the remaining prizes in the game is lower.

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot are…

Exceptionally long. But then, you knew that, right?

When choosing a progressive jackpot slot game to play, make sure it offers plenty of other prizes and potential outcomes too. There should be a good range of options available, something you can easily check by looking at the paytable before you play.

Some slots include a special bonus game during which a jackpot can be won

While some games include random triggers to allow a jackpot to drop, others include bonus features that must be unlocked for players to stand a chance of winning one of the prizes.

In these instances, you're likely to play for a cash prize. Some games might include a rarely triggered bonus that does lead to one of the available jackpots if you can access it. So, if you do manage to get through to the bonus, you know you're going to walk away with one of the prizes.

However, other bonuses give you the chance to get a progressive prize, but you may walk away with a cash reward instead. It depends on the game and the rules, but you can always find out which it is in the paytable before you play.

Progressives can require higher bet amounts per spin

Not always, though, so be aware of this. Some ask for a dollar or more per spin, so more can go into the progressive pot. However, there are games that can still be played at one cent per line and still give you a shot at the big prize. Those are better to play if you're on a smaller budget.

Progressive slot games have been around for years and show no signs of disappearing. The odds may well be out of this world for winning one of those life-changing amounts, but players still love to dream, right?