Moby Dick Slots

Are you familiar with Moby Dick? Even if you haven’t read the book, you will probably have a vague idea of the story, or perhaps some of the characters involved. Moby Dick is the giant whale in this tale, and Captain Ahab sets sail on the reels and invites you along for the ride.

The design of the game is appealing, to be sure. It features five reels with three positions on each for icons to appear in. These include tankards, the whale, and an anchor. The wild is handily labeled, and it shows the ship’s wheel. There is also a free spins icon, and this gives you a rather strange view inside the whale’s mouth! You will want to see as many appearances of that icon as possible though, as they will of course give you the free spins feature if you get enough of them.

You can also use the gamble feature that presents you with two tankards to choose from. Choose the correct one and you double your money, but if you choose incorrectly, you will lose what you started with. You have several gamble chances to try if you want to use this, but beware of the potential consequences…