Volatility Slots

If you have tried a few slot games already, you might be familiar with the term volatility. This describes how volatile a game is while paying out prizes. A slot with low volatility is deemed to be one that offers small prizes very often. The opposite of this - a high volatility slot - is one where prizes are rare, but when they happen they can be very big indeed.

So, where do variable volatility slots fall in all this? We thought we would find out more.

How can volatility be variable?

There is a new crop of games - albeit still small at this stage - offering players the opportunity to change the volatility level before they play. This is usually done by a button or slider, so you can choose whether you would like the game to be of high or low volatility.

You can even change the level while you are playing the game. If you do this, you must wait until your current spin is completed. You can then make the changes you desire before continuing to play.

What are the advantages of playing a variable volatility slot game?

Have you ever seen a new slot and wanted to play it… only to find the volatility level doesn't suit your style of play? We have - and we guess you probably have too.

We prefer low volatility slots, so when we see a good-looking and exciting slot that is highly volatile, we won't play it. We might try the demo version to see what it is like, but it won't suit our betting style.

While these variable games are hard to find at present, we doubt that will be the case for long. As more players find the games that do exist, we think word will get out. That will lead to more people trying them. Once people find out how they work and how appealing they can be, they are bound to become more popular.

Ultimately, it would make more slot games available for more people to play. Instead of games limiting themselves to a portion of the audience according to their volatility preferences, they will be available for everyone to enjoy. A quick tweak of the settings and you're good to go.

Can you imagine a future where every slot game will be like this? It will be interesting to find out if that's the case, won't it?