Slot Game Budgets

If you are going to play slots with real cash, you should work out what budget you can play with before doing anything else. The rule of thumb is to figure out what you can happily lose. You should never assume you're going to win, because you cannot guarantee it.

Some people work out a budget for each day they play, while others look further afield. Let's look at the different options you've got to choose from.


This might be an ideal budget for you if you tend to play slots most days. Having a limit to work with - whether it's just a dollar or way more than that - can help you figure out how long you can play for.


Some who receive their wages weekly end up going for this option. Once they've figured out how much cash they have left after settling all the financial demands on them for that week, they can allocate an amount for slots entertainment. They make a single deposit into their account and once it's gone, it's gone.

It's often easier to go for a weekly budget if you don't always play daily. You might also find it easier to make one deposit, rather than depositing smaller amounts each day.


Making a monthly deposit means your entire budget for slots play that month goes into your casino account at once. It does give you more freedom to choose from a bigger range of slots with variable bet amounts to choose from. However, you could find yourself blowing through your entire budget way more quickly than you imagined.

Working out your preference

There are players out there today who like all these options. However, what works for one person may not work for you. Your budget must always come first, so you need to work out what will suit you and what you can comfortably afford. It is then a matter of dividing it between a few weeks or day, or simply depositing it to use that month.

It may take a while to work out which option is the ideal one for you. It might also depend on the games you play. Three-reel games with a single line that takes penny bets can easily be played for a dollar or less a day, for example. The same couldn't be said of multi-line slots with a 20-cent minimum coin bet.