Online Casino Blackjack

It would be easy to suppose that most casino players want to try the slot games on offer at dozens of online casinos. Certainly, slots tend to outnumber table games and video poker by quite some distance.

Many players are happy to play slots whenever they visit their favorite casinos. They may never even glance at the table games area. However, some players do eventually become curious. Maybe they fancy a change - something different from the usual reel sets.

Games like roulette can be harder to understand when it comes to the different bets on offer. Does blackjack rank as difficult too or is this much easier to try?

Make it to 21… but don't go over

That is the basic premise behind blackjack. Some versions of it are called 21. The idea is that you are dealt two cards. Everyone can see these, including you. The dealer has two cards as well. The difference is that one of their cards remains face down, so no one can see it.

If you are dealt lower-value cards, you might choose another card to try and get closer to 21. Of course, if the total value of your cards goes over 21, you've gone bust. Getting blackjack is an automatic winning hand, but if you get closer to it than the dealer, you've won the hand too.

Remember the ace has two potential values

The ace can be counted as one or 11. The default is to go for 11, but only if doing so would not send the total over 21. If you had a four and an ace, it would count as 15. If you asked for another card and got a 10, you could then count the ace as one for a total score of 15.

Make sure you read all the rules before you play

Blackjack is way easier to understand than most other casino games. So, if you fancy switching from slots, even if only for a while, you should check it out. Most casinos allow demo play unless you are in the live casino, where bets are always real.

Make sure you review the rules before you start though, as different versions of blackjack can have slight variations. It's always best to know about these before things get underway.