Slot Games With Several Progressive Jackpots

The answer might be obvious, but there are more reasons why you can enjoy playing these slots than you might think. With lots of games out there offering more than one progressive jackpot, have you thought of why they are so popular? We've got the answers right here.

Each jackpot becomes progressively larger than the previous ones

Whenever more than one jackpot is provided, you'll notice they get bigger in size the more you get. They are usually named as such too. For instance, you might spot a micro, mini, minor, and major jackpot in a game.

Sometimes, the names of the jackpots will be related to the theme. For example, an animal-themed slot might name each one after a different animal. Each one could be named after a larger animal, according to the size of the jackpot. It provides another connection to the theme.

More jackpots mean more opportunities to win

Everyone loves the thought of winning a progressive jackpot. Few people will ever experience it, of course, but it's always good to know there is a chance there. If there are, say, four progressive jackpots to be won, you know there are four chances of winning something. That's different to having just one progressive pot to shoot for. The smaller pots tend to drop more often too, which is another thing to consider.

Some games include jackpot games where you play to win one

We've played some great games that have included the chance to play a jackpot round. You need to trigger a set of icons to appear to unlock this. If you do so, you can try and play for one of the jackpots. Some games may guarantee to award you one of them if you get that far. It's just a matter of which jackpot you'll win. Others provide the jackpots alongside some other smaller prizes, so you could play the game and win something without scooping a jackpot.

One thing to watch for is the amount of the bet you must place to be in with a shot of winning one of those jackpots. Some games demand a far higher spin bet than others. This does lead to bigger jackpots to be won, but it also means you might play through your budget far faster. Always make sure you're happy with the bet amount before choosing a progressive slot to play.