Normans Slots

If you remember your history lessons from school, you'll know the Normans were around in the 10th and 11th centuries. You might also know we have them to thank for the name of a certain region in France… called Normandy. While you may not learn too much history about this group of people by playing the new Normans slot from Fuga Gaming, you will have some fun as it looks great.

One of the Normans - a friendly-looking guy in the horned helmet - is a wild in this game. You will also see a Norman boat with a red-and-white sail, and this is the bonus symbol. The wild can stretch over more than one spot on a reel, thereby helping increase your chances of getting one or more wins. Meanwhile, the boat can sail onto the reels and take up lots of space - taking over two entire reels as the Great Wild. Now that is a good feature we like to see! The wild Norman can also appear in conjunction with multipliers, so it gets better still.

Fuga Gaming has done well to include some more unusual features as part of the Normans slot game. You don't see this group of warriors very often in slots, so it is refreshing to see them here. With a chance of winning free spins as well, the Normans slot is a great game to play and enjoy, and we think this looks set to be a winner this year.