Volatility Player

How do you choose your slot games? Do you focus on themes, special features, or similar elements? Or do you dig into the pay table for each game, looking at the potential prizes there?

Many people do both, but if you are keen to choose the right slot games to suit your temperament, you should look at volatility above all else. Let's see how this works.

Low volatility

These slots are the ones that regularly pay out little prizes. Sure, there are some larger ones in there to win as well if you're lucky. However, the key is that you can expect smaller prizes more often. That means they're not volatile in their behavior.

As such, they present a lower degree of risk. If you have just 10 minutes to spare to play a game, pick a lower volatility one. This means you stand a chance of scoring some wins even in the short time you have available.

High volatility

These slots are at the other end of the spectrum. They don't pay out anywhere near as often. However, when the prizes do appear, they could be big ones. That's why they are not suited to be played for short times. If you're going to sit down and play slot for a couple hours, you could consider playing one of these if it suits you to do so.

Finding the best balance for you

Most people naturally have a risk level they're happy with. If you like to play safe, low volatility slots will be ideal for you to try. Conversely, if you want to go for the big prizes and you're happy to play for longer to try and get them, high volatility slots are worth considering.

You may already know where your risk level lies. However, do check how the prizes are arranged in online slots before you choose which ones to play. Are you happy to go for long periods with a low potential for a win? Would you be happier playing a slot game where you could expect prizes quite often, even if they are lower in value?

By answering those questions, you can figure out which games are going to be best for you. The good news is there are games out there designed to suit all players. You just need to figure out which ones will suit you.