Seven-Reel Slot Games

When you start exploring the world of slot games, you'll notice two things. Firstly, there are hundreds of games featuring either three or five reels. Secondly, there is a lack of games featuring seven reels. You might see a few with six reels, but seven is quite unusual.

So, do these games work? We've had a closer look at these games to find out whether they are worth trying. Are there so few of them because they are not worth playing? Let's find out.

Is it harder to win prizes?

It can be. In some cases, these games only pay out if you get four or more icons on a line rather than three or more. Of course, you could say you get the chance to win with seven icons on a payline instead of five. However, the odds of doing that are slim. There is also no guarantee you will get a higher prize for securing seven matching icons than you would for a five-icon win in a five-reel game.

Seven-reel games versus five-reel ones

Seven-reel games often become very unwieldy. We've seen a few with the usual three icons per reel, making the game far wider than it is tall. Furthermore, some games are far more basic in their design than the five-reel games.

There comes a point when the quantity of reels becomes too much and detracts from the quality of the game. Five reels is a nice number to include in a slot. We've seen a few games that work well with six reels, but seven-reel games rarely work as well as you may hope they would.

There aren't too many seven-reel games around

The most common way to see that many reels is in Cluster Pays games. These rely on getting clusters of five or more matching icons to win something. This requires a bigger grid. If you see a seven-reel game featuring traditional paylines, you can be sure it is one of just a handful.

You can try Lucky 7s from WGS, along with Farming Futures - another seven-reel game that boasts only the most basic features. Surprisingly, it does not include any bonuses or special features. That seems a shame given the scope of the game itself.

If you would like to try a few of these games, there are some you can check out online today. However, they're hard to find - and perhaps for good reason.