Three-Reel Slots

What's your opinion on three-reel slots? Do you love playing them or are they dull compared to five-reel games?

Everyone has their own opinion. So, we thought we would look at three reasons why three-reel slots are still proving popular, decades after the original one-armed bandit machines were released.

They're ideal to play even on the smallest budget

You wouldn't think a five-dollar budget would go that far when you're playing slot games. However, if you choose to play a three-reel slot, you will probably only play on a single payline. Since that payline may accept coins worth anything from a cent upwards, you can see how far even a five-dollar budget would go. You could enjoy 500 spins on that slot before running out of cash. It's a nice experience to have if there are some favorite three-reel games you enjoy playing.

They're simple to understand and play

Things never get too complicated with three-reel slots. The pay table often appears on the same screen as the reels. Even when it doesn't, the game won't have too many complex rules to understand.

If you're lucky, there might be a progressive jackpot to win. However, the main game will feature between one and five paylines (sometimes up to eight, but that's rare) and a variety of prizes to try and capture.

Many games feature generous wild multipliers

While there are basic three-reel games with no special features included in them, others do feature a wild icon. If you are lucky, you might spot a game with two wilds to look for.

These games are the highlight of three-reel slot game play in our opinion. Those wilds might have multipliers attached to them, i.e. 3x and 10x. If you get a wild in a line win, you will have your prize multiplied by the relevant amount. Get two wilds in a line win and the values are multiplied together before being used to boost the prize. Yes, that would mean a huge 30x multiplier would apply here. There are other games that work along similar lines, too.

If you ever needed a reason to try out a few of these games, you now have three! In fact, if you thought these games only ever involved fruit, think again. There is far more variety and appeal in the three-reel games arena than you might originally have thought. That's great news, right?