Dr WinMore Slots

Occasionally we come across a slot game that looks a little different from others we have seen from the same developer. We can say the same of Dr Winmore, a slot game that introduces this character and provides us with the opportunity to look for various beakers, test tubes, and other items from his lab. If you're eager to see what else might be in store, read on…

Who developed this slot game?

It hails from RTG - or Realtime Gaming - although you may know them as Spin Logic Gaming, depending on where in the world you're reading this.

Dr Winmore offers a practice game too

There's no need to play the real one to find out how it all works. They provide you with a demo version to check out first.

Have you figured out the theme for Dr Winmore slots yet?

It looks like Dr Winmore is a scientist, but there is a real steampunk element rolled into this one as well. We mentioned the idea of test tubes and beakers, and other similar icons appear on the reels as well.

Expect a minimal backdrop in the Dr Winmore online slot game

Other than the occasional misty color and some electrifying effects, the backdrop doesn't have too much to offer in this game. However, you can expect all the icons on the reels to stand out that bit more thanks to this approach.

Are you ready to check out Dr Winmore?

This game offers five reels, but rather than offering only three icons on each, the game offers five. This means there is much more to watch during play. You won't get the opportunity to play for any progressive jackpots, however.

You'll hopefully spot Dr Winmore in action as he is the wild icon. He'll replace most of the other regular symbols, but there are four robots in the game that he cannot stand in for.

Expect exploding symbols to show up if you find a winning combination. All those winning ones explode and vanish, letting others above them fall into those positions. You then get other symbols appearing above those to complete the grid. As you might guess, this could result in other prizes for you. This feature also has some multipliers coming into play. While the base multiplier is 1x, this rises to 2x following the first explosion, so if you get one or more prizes because of that, they'll be doubled. The multipliers can then continue to a maximum of 6x.

Paylines do not appear in this game

The larger 5 x 5 grid means that this is a cluster pays slot. At least four matching icons must appear in a cluster to count towards a prize.

Play from 10 cents per spin

The game offers bets starting at 10 cents, and you just need to choose an amount to play with. One bet per spin is how the game works.

Paytable details are well done for this slot

And they're necessary to read before taking it for a spin. You'll see what all the symbols look like, which ones are worth the most, and how those robots work too.

What can those robots do in Dr Winmore slots?

That is the big question, and we'll answer it for you here. There are four robots and each one has a color associated with it. Look for blue, green, yellow, and red. If you find a robot on the reels - and you only need one - it behaves in a certain way. Blue clears all the symbols on its row, while yellow clears all the symbols in its column.

Green is better still as it performs both those actions. The red one, meanwhile, takes out all the symbols that border it in a square, so you'll clear lots of those as well.

Free spins don't appear in Dr Winmore

It would have been cool if we had seen some, but we just have those robots to look out for instead.

RTP details for Dr Winmore are unclear

This is the case for all slots from this developer, to be fair, as there can be variations between their games depending on where you decide to play them.

Our rating: How does Dr Winmore fare?

This is different to many other slots from this developer, but in a good way. While we'd like to see free games here, everything else is ideal to check out. It's a solid 7.5 out of 10 from us.

What kind of prize potential can you expect?

A blue electrified circle is the best prize icon to find. If you can find eight or more in a cluster, it will bring you 500x your bet.

Demo play makes it easier to understand what those robots do

You'll soon get the hang of how they can clear certain areas of the game board. In doing so, you'll get more symbols dropping into play for a chance of a prize or two.

Real play will suit some players who check out Dr Winmore slots

But will it suit you as well? The practice game should help you determine the answer to this one.

Mobile gaming with Dr Winmore

If you like what you see here, you can always take the good doc with you wherever you go if you have a tablet or smartphone.