Online Gambling Finally Legal in Nevada

Nevada was the first state in the U.S. to go live with regulated online gambling and today they are at the top of the budding industry. Nevada has their eye on what New Jersey is up to with online gaming because they have promised to do bigger and better things than Nevada did in poker and in casino games. This has been in the works for New Jersey for quite some time now.

New Jersey's plan to launch in late November will bring questions to the table, questions about the pace at which Nevada has been operating. Regulators in New Jersey and others in the industry believe that New Jersey is launching prematurely. This is likely because of the stagnancy that Nevada has shown and if New Jersey does launch in schedule, it will make Nevada look pretty outdated.

Some are not sure if Nevada is just being cautious or just not in a real big hurry. The big question will be why Nevada players had to wait so long for a healthy online gambling market to develop? It was a very big deal that Nevada was the first US state to offer regulated, legal online poker and they were believed to have the advantage but it didn't.

Currently, Nevada only offers online poker but with New Jersey and then Delaware hot on their heels, planning to offer a full selection of casino games and poker to Internet customers. While it is true that this market is still quite young, New Jersey and Delaware may find themselves facing the very same struggles as Nevada.