Chumba Online Casino

Chumba Online Casino is an unusual site to visit. This is a sweepstakes site for starters, so it offers a different stance to the regular casino experience. If you qualify to join, you could be in for a chance to secure real cash prizes with no purchase necessary. That's the idea behind the sweeps.

What about finding the newest games though? None are labeled as such, so how can you find some suggestions about which titles to play?

Here is how we did it.

Select the 'all games' option from the home page

This is just underneath the main panel at the top, where you get to know a little about some of the winners on the site.

You'll then see the full games page. Better still, you get a selection of games appearing in the panel at the top of the page. This is huge on a computer, so it is easy to see if you are playing on another device too.

There were some good games mentioned in that area when we visited:

  1. Golden Oz
  2. The Great Heist
  3. Gustavo El Luchador
  4. Vikings of the North

Those games may not always be new to the internet, but they could well be new to the Chumba Online Casino.

Learn some facts about each game there too

Before choosing a game to play from this panel, you can read a sentence or two about it. This often mentions the reel quantity, the line quantity, and perhaps a couple of the features you'll find in that game.

If you like what you read, you can select the PLAY NOW option. If you haven't already signed in, you'll see the login screen appear. You can create an account from that screen if you haven't already got one, too.

This is one way of finding a few cool games to play at Chumba Casino. There are many others there too, of course, and we're sure you'll have a great time trying as many as you can.