Online Slots Pay Real Money

There are dozens upon dozens of online casinos to choose from. Even though most people are restricted to using certain casinos depending on their location, they'll have lots of sites that will welcome them.

It may surprise you to learn that only a handful of those casinos do not offer real money slot games to play. Some sites are built around playing games just for entertainment purposes. You might 'win' coins or credits, but those remain in your account and have no real monetary value.

So, how can you find a casino that does offer real money prizes? Let's find out.

Don't assume a casino offering banking methods offers real prizes

This is an easy mistake to make. If a site only offers games to play for entertainment, why would it need to offer banking methods?

Truth is that some sites give players the chance to purchase credits to be able to play the games for longer. That does not mean anything can be withdrawn - the banking facilities are there to buy credits rather than to deposit funds and to withdraw winnings. Make sure you check whether this is the case.

Most online slot games created by famous developers do offer the chance to play for real

There is one easy way to work out whether you have found the right site to use. Check the small print at the bottom of the site. If it only offers games for entertainment, it should say so. There should be a clear message saying that the site does not pay out real prizes.

It should also say that your performance trying a free slot does not mean you will achieve the same performance when playing for real. Just one more thing to bear in mind.

Most slots can be played for real prizes

As we have discovered, most online casinos do provide this option. However, you can still usually play most slots for practice purposes as demo versions if you like.

Just be sure which option you have enabled before you begin. If you check and confirm your choice, you should be fine to play. Lots of slots that do pay out real prizes can also be played as demos, and those wouldn't give you the chance to collect any real prizes.