Cash Commander Slots

Cash Commander is a superb title for a slot game, don't you think? That title, coupled with the game image on the title screen, means you get a promising feel for this game created by Games Warehouse. We've got a female commander in position here, dressed in a green uniform, and offering the chance of some dollar prizes, as the S in the game title is shown as a dollar sign. That bodes well for you, don't you think?

The game uses a familiar 5 x 3 format for the reels, but it has some different features in play that you may not be used to. For example, you must collect experience to increase your rank and unlock tools that will help you when you reach the Wargame Bonus feature. Experience is shown as XP and appears in numbered format in a bar on the game screen. You can then choose which strategy to apply when you reach the bonus feature. Your task is to conquer the world - a small feat we think! If you manage it, you will get achievements and medals for your trouble.

The game screen itself looks impressive, featuring tanks and other icons shown hovering over a background with roads, buildings, and battle-scarred land behind it. The game does include a wild, but there is also a silo icon that awards one of two things if it lands on the fifth reel. Will you win a Strike Free Spin or the Bombardment Free Spins feature? Play today to find out.