Reel Heist Slots

You soon learn you can win up to 2,000x your bet in Reel Heist, as the opening screen gives that much away. It also sets the scene, with a cop in a police car chasing after five criminals who are all clearly in a hurry! The cop turns out to be a wild icon so he will be helpful in his own way, but each criminal has their own set of prizes to be won. These range from one robber offering a reward up to 32x, with the best robber capable of winning you up to the 2,000x mentioned above.

All the characters appear around the 5 x 4 reel set before the game begins. You're then left to adjust your total stake (from 20 cents upwards) and to begin spinning those reels. The game works differently from many other slots, because the cop can throw his baton across the reels to stun some of the robbers. This can occur over several spins, too.

With 40 paylines in action (all fixed) you get a chance to win multiple times with each spin. The game is fast, too, with reels that seem to spin a lot faster than we've seen in other games. It's strange to see the cop and some of the criminals remaining fixed in certain positions as the remainder of the icons spin, but it does make the Reel Heist slot way more unusual than others we have seen. It gets the thumbs up for that.