Jumio: A New Way To Pay

Security and safety with online transactions is certainly a concern for both players as well as casinos. After all, sending money online is so efficient, cost effective and immediate that it is difficult to imagine using any other option. While there are several options out there that are secure a new technology has evolved and with it a completely new, highly secure, money transfer option. It is known as Jumio. It has already won multiple awards as an innovator in payment solutions, a top 100 private company and as a fraud and compliance solution of the year.

What Is Jumio?

Jumio is a highly secure, fraud reducing, online management system that allows payment transfers and ID scanning and validation. It uses apps and mobile options as well as traditional websites that consumers and businesses can access. There are two different technologies used within Jumio. They can be used together or separately and include Netverify® and Netswipe®. Netverify® allows immediate and real-time verification of most common forms of identification. This includes government issued ID as well as bank statements and utility bills. With this technology comes increased fraud detection and greater online security. Netswipe® is the payment and money transfer side of the technology. This allows credit cards to be scanned and verified through mobile checkouts and online. With this feature errors in keying in card numbers are reduced while security is increased.

Jumio Saves Time

Jumio provides customers with a Port system, which is a highly secure infrastructure that uses a virtual wallet style technology. This allows the customer to simply photograph their card from any smartphone or webcam system and avoid all the hassle of typing in the card number and information. Once the process has been completed the customer can then use the stored data to make one click purchases and transactions. The system will also automatically fill in automatic payment forms for the customers, saving them time and effort. In addition it automatically validates all card information, ensuring a safe and secure transaction for both customer and business.

Jumio is definitely a technology that will add to any online casino’s security and safety in money transactions. Players will enjoy the same benefits but will also have less difficulty in setting up future transactions at the casino or with other retailers and businesses using Jumio.

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