Microgaming Poker Skins

A Poker skin is an independent brand that offers poker games which are part of a major network. It may sound a little confusing at first and take some getting used to but think about it. There are many different Poker rooms and casinos offered on the internet and not all of them are independent. These small poker rooms and poker casinos take care of their own marketing and offer their own promotions but the twist in their existence is that they use the major networks of leading software providers such as Microgaming. In other words they connect with the same player base and use the same network. This may seem a little hard to grasp but imaging a tree with lots of branches and a bird sits on one branch and eats the fruit of that branch, another bird will sit on a different branch and eat a different fruit. Each of the birds is eating from the same tree but yet enjoy a difference piece of fruit.

Why Choose Microgaming Poker Skins

There are a huge number of Microgaming Poker skins which can be found on the internet. The original Microgaming poker site was known as Prime Poker and the partnerships that still exist today with the newly named Microgaming Poker Network are the same as before. The Microgaming Poker skins offer their own special offers and bonuses, some offer more than just the poker games with links to online casinos whereas others concentrate just on the Poker games. Amongst the Microgaming Poker skins you will find some top names such as 36Red Poker, Aztec Riches, Bet365 Poker, Poker Rewards and Dream Poker to name a few. Each of these sites may seem independent to you but in fact once you join a poker game through one of these sites you will be linking up with the larger Microgaming network. The advantages of the smaller Poker skins speak for themselves because of the extra attention that they offer together with the unique promotions and special offers that each one entices to draw in players. This together with the knowledge that you are in fact playing Poker at one of the top software manufacturers in the world makes the Microgaming Poker Skins very attractive.

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