Microgaming Rakeback

In order to understand the reasoning behind Microgaming who does not allow active Rakeback agreements you first need to understand what Rakeback is. Rakeback is only associated with poker games. When a person or group of people join a poker room to play poker they are playing against each other for the central pot that is made up of each players contribution. So the casino or poker room which is hosting the game does not in fact get anything or so it would seem. But of course they need and deserve to get a portion of the amount that is bet and this is called the rake. The Rakeback is a way of getting a percentage of your contributed rake back into your hands. There are many organizations that have set themselves up over the years who will offer you a chance to get some of the rake back. These organizations will go into partnership with the casinos and poker rooms and there is a bit of give and take. If the Rakeback Company brings in players then the casino and poker rooms will arrange a deal on the percentage of the Rakeback that they will give.

How Microgaming Compensates Today

Microgaming for a number of years was very happy with this sort of relationship and therefore had a number of Rakeback partnerships. But since 2008 Microgaming has been very away of Rakeback companies that advertised this sort of deal as they feared it was detrimental to their reputation. As a result many of the casinos stopped offering the Microgaming Rakeback deals and it even got to a point that Microgaming would blacklist casinos and poker sites that still advertised these Rakeback deals. Today the situation has not changed that much but there is one major difference and that is the internal Rakeback offers that Microgaming casinos and poker rooms give. These are in the form of loyalty clubs and paybacks that you can find at individual casinos and poker rooms where you are offered payback percentages for money bet and all sorts of other promotional ideas when you join in with Poker games which can increase the payback you receive. Microgaming believe that this form of Rakeback offers much more to the individual not just in terms of service but also the percentage paybacks can be higher as there is no middle man. Rakeback companies would argue that the numbers of players joining the Microgaming casinos and Poker rooms has dwindled because they have lost the extra marketing angle. Time will tell which of the big players is correct but in the meantime if you want to enjoy the best in online Poker using the top software of Microgaming then you should look at the loyalty offers and bonus paybacks that the Microgaming casinos and Poker rooms offer.

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