For many years Microgaming was the leading software supplier to the US gaming industry. With its fantastic range of casino games together with the clear graphics and vivid color that each of the games offered, Microgaming was a natural choice for US players. Each month Microgaming would add new casino games which were quickly adopted by the different casinos to encourage more players to join and of course offer the variety of gaming that Microgaming is best known for. Together with generous promotions and fantastic service that Microgaming provided, it was no wonder that they became the most popular software provider in the US.

The Future of Microgaming in the USA

This all came to an abrupt halt in 2006/7 when the new anti gambling law was passed by the US government known as the UIGEA - Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Acts. Some of the Microgaming casinos carried on their activities for another year or so in a number of select states in the US but in general, there was an abrupt halt of Microgaming software use in the US. In the near future we hope that this will change and once again US residents will be able to enjoy the fantastic range of casino games that Microgaming have to offer together with the support, service and attention to detail that they are best known for.

Best Online Casinos for US Players

While Microgaming USA casinos are going through this transition, US players can still enjoy online casino games featured at our best online casinos for US players. Here is a brief snapshot of these casinos

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