Microgaming USA

For many years Microgaming was the leading software supplier to the US gaming industry. With its fantastic range of casino games together with the clear graphics and vivid color that each of the games offered, Microgaming was a natural choice for US players. Each month Microgaming would add new casino games which were quickly adopted by the different casinos to encourage more players to join and of course offer the variety of gaming that Microgaming is best known for. Together with generous promotions and fantastic service that Microgaming provided, it was no wonder that they became the most popular software provider in the US.

The Future of Microgaming in the USA

This all came to an abrupt halt in 2006/7 when the new anti gambling law was passed by the US government known as the UIGEA - Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Acts. Some of the Microgaming casinos carried on their activities for another year or so in a number of select states in the US but in general, there was an abrupt halt of Microgaming software use in the US. In the near future we hope that this will change and once again US residents will be able to enjoy the fantastic range of casino games that Microgaming have to offer together with the support, service and attention to detail that they are best known for.

Why is Microgaming slot machine software a key part of many online casinos?

With over 300 games and counting in their collection, Microgaming is a popular choice for many players. It’s a popular software option for online casinos too, and for good reason. In fact, more than one reason!

For starters, the games cover every conceivable theme, idea, and location you could ever think of. If you would like to play a slot game covering a specific theme, chances are Microgaming has already thought of it. If you’d like to play anything from the simplest and most basic game to the most complex, you will likely find the ideal game in Microgaming’s vast collection.

Microgaming has a good pedigree – one that helps all online casinos that use their software stand out from their peers. It’s nice to have options, of course, so selecting a casino featuring Microgaming titles among those from other providers is a good choice to make.

Our Microgaming best slots to try

How can we whittle down hundreds of slots to mention just a few? Microgaming has been around for many years, so their collection does feature titles that are older and more basic than the most recent ones. However, titles such as Adventure Palace, Belissimo, and High Five still pack more than a punch.

As for the modern slots though, some of our favorites are mentioned here. Have you tried Bridesmaids; the multi-featured slot based on the successful movie? It’s a must-play game for fans. Deck the Halls makes the perfect choice for the festive season, while Halloween gives us a look at the infamous house in the movie. This game is packed with famous characters, Jamie Lee Curtis included, and is perfect for October 31st slot play.

How to find Microgaming online casinos

Microgaming provides software to many good online casinos. You can find their games in casinos aimed at players from various countries too. The best course of action is to find a list of casinos you would be permitted to sign up to use from your jurisdiction. Once you have done that, you can look for those casinos that have Microgaming titles ready to play.

Very often, casino websites include the logos of their casino operators at the bottom of the site. If you cannot find those, check the games section. You can often spot famous games from this developer in the collection. If not, you might get a dropdown box that lets you choose only those games from your preferred developer. If Microgaming is among them, you can view all the available titles you could try.

Could you take advantage of some slots bonuses?

You could, since these are popular at lots of casinos. Whenever a new slot game is released – from any developer – there is a good chance you might find some promotions connected to it. These slot bonuses tend to include a deposit bonus, some free spins on the new game, or maybe even both.

Some will require a code to put into the cashier page when you make the qualifying deposit. In other cases, no deposit is required – just use the code and get several free spins on the new game or a free chip, whichever is the case. Either way, this deal gives you the chance to try the new Microgaming titles that are released.

The popularity of freeslot machines

Free slots are those that are for entertainment purposes only. They give players a chance to see how things work and whether they would like to progress to make real bets on those games.

Most slots, especially those from Microgaming, do have a free or demo version you can try. We always start with these whenever we see a new slot to play. You can look at promotional videos and read reviews, for sure, but how can you tell whether the game provides you with everything you might need?

Truth is, you can’t unless and until you check out the free version. It means there is no risk to you, and some casinos will even allow access to these versions without logging in. That means even non-members can check out these games.

New slots coming soon from Microgaming

Microgaming didn’t develop a huge collection of slots by sitting on their laurels. Whenever one game is released, you can wager there are several more in the pipeline, even if you haven’t yet heard about them.

We think you will be delighted to try some new slots from Microgaming, as they are released throughout the year. The best way to find out about them is to read more about Microgaming online and on this very site. We’ve always got the latest slot release news, including the freshest Microgaming titles around right now.

Are there lots of Microgaming slots for USA players to try?

Yes – the range of slots is available at several online casinos. We can include many USA-friendly casinos in that collection. If you are already a member of one or more of those, we suggest you check and see whether titles from this software developer are already included.

If not, you might want to search for another USA-friendly casino that has Microgaming software present. This ensures you will get access to the best games in their collection.

Finding some Microgaming slots for UK players

The same applies here. Not all online casinos welcome players from Europe, let alone from the United Kingdom specifically. However, you can easily find out which ones do permit UK players to join, and which ones operate using Microgaming software. Always do your research to determine the best casino for your requirements.

Pokies Australia: What should you expect from Microgaming pokies?

Pokies is just another word to describe the slots we all know and love. Since Microgaming makes its games available to many players around the world, you can be sure their pokies are going to be accessible to Aussies as well.

Australian-themed websites tend to have many of the same games shared at other casinos. The best part about this is that you can always be sure of enjoying some good clean pokies from Microgaming whenever you are in the mood.

Features of a Microgaming games demo

When you load a game from this developer, you will get the opportunity to try either the demo or the real version. The latter means you must make real wagers to play. You should always make sure you set a budget before taking this route, and never play once that budget has been exhausted.

Many players like the idea of trying a game before doing anything else. This is made possible by creating a demonstration version of the game. This is identical to the real version, except that it comes preloaded with demo credits. These always remain inside the game, can never be withdrawn, but let you try it for size.

The fact that everything else is the same as the paid version means you can see what you should expect from it if you play for real. It’s then much easier to make that decision.

Finding out the Microgaming games RTP

This may be indicated in the paytable for a specific game – usually on the last page. However, this isn’t always true. In some cases, the provider might release this information in a press release when the game first goes live. If you cannot find it on this, you can usually search online to find the values you want. It is good to choose games with the highest possible RTP you can find. It doesn’t mean you will secure a specific amount in prizes, of course, but it does mean the game pays out more than some of its counterparts.

Are there plenty of Microgaming mobile slots to choose from?

Yes, you can count on all their new releases being suitable for all platforms and devices. You might find some of the oldest titles cannot be played on mobile devices, but many are being redeveloped and re-released to ensure this is now possible. So, it depends which title you pick, but most can be played in this manner.

Lots of slots for PC entertainment

With well over 300 slots currently available from Microgaming, you could play a different slot each day for almost a year! There are some you might only try once and not return to, but rest assured there are plenty that are best played on your PC.

Why is that, you might ask? We love the larger screen and the mouse controls, making it easy to focus on whatever is going on in the game. There’s a lot to be said for mobile gameplay, but sometimes only a larger computer screen will do.

Do you need a slots app to access their games?

This will depend on how you play and which casino you decide to play at. Some mobile casinos do have an app for either Android or iOS or both. If that is the case, simply download it and follow the instructions provided to start playing. You will of course require an account at that casino to be able to play.

However, many casinos opt for a mobile-friendly website, meaning you can sign up to use it and gain access without cluttering up your device with yet another app.

Enjoy some Microgaming slots for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

We have already seen how versatile Microgaming is when it comes to accessing their games. So, while there are lots of reasons still to access a desktop casino featuring their games, you can still head for your favorite place to play via your tablet or smartphone.

Expect every new release to look great on these devices as well as many others. How reassuring is that?

Watch out for some Microgaming slots tournaments too

We do love ourselves a great slot tournament, and we know many other players feel the same. If you want to be in with a chance of ranking highly in a tournament, look out for one based around a slot from the Microgaming collection.

The best ones to start with are the freeroll tournaments, since these will cost nothing to enter. You just play the game as you would normally, making your bets and hoping you can get high enough on the leaderboard to be in with a chance of another prize. Other tournaments – usually those featuring bigger prize pools – require a buy-in. However, this is usually just a few dollars, so even then many players will be fine to take part.

Best Online Casinos for US Players

While Microgaming USA casinos are going through this transition, US players can still enjoy online casino games featured at our best online casinos for US players. Here is a brief snapshot of these casinos