Slots Magazines Worth Reading

In the world of online casino gaming, there aren't too many places to get your monthly fix of up-to-date and intriguing information about slots and table games news – besides the internet and a couple of good old-fashioned print magazines. Of course, the internet can often be a jumble of haphazardly-curated information, which is why the organization of a magazine can be a welcome relief of tips, tricks, community-picked games and current industry information.

For example, since the many varieties of video poker and slots are the most heavily-played games in any casino – on land or off – information on jackpot sizes are of great interest to the legions of casino players. For just a few coins and modest deposits, you stand a pretty good chance of walking away with a month's paycheck for a few minutes of work, at least. At most, a life-changing fortune awaits; and all without having to mingle with any casino sharks or poker masters face-to-face. Here are some of the magazines that keep the community of casino gamers well-informed:

Casino Player Magazine

Talk about a magazine sporting total commitment to the gaming lifestyle, Casino Player has interesting and informative articles every month, along with consistently re-publishing a selection of articles voted the best by consistent readers. This guarantees that you don't have to backorder much to experience top casino-centered content. Celebrities as illustrious as Master Chef Gordon Ramsey have been featured on the cover, with information on some of the best dining experiences abroad. This information goes hand-in-hand with Casino Player's list of top gaming resorts for the avid traveler, so you can dine in style while racking up chips. On the poker front, Casino Player has in-depth analyses and interviews with The World Series of Poker winners, as well as features on the online casino community's favorite celebrities – singer Celion Dion is another one of them. Basketball stars of the Harlem Globetrotters are another feature, as well as writers for famous gambling movies like Rounders (which starred Matt Damon, Gretchen Mol and the inimitable John Turturro). If you're new to the game, then table games vs slots is a feature article that appears often and gets you started on learning the pros vs. few cons.

Strictly Slots Magazine

Slots are far and away the most popular casino game, which is probably obvious given the many casinos that almost exclusively feature these inherently low-cost, big money winners. Strictly Slots is awash in public interest articles; for example, wouldn't you like to know the world's best slots player? If you thought it was all about luck, guess again – subscribers get a sneak peek at some of the tactics he uses to beat the odds and consistently stay in the winning zone.

In Strictly Slots, there is also information on new video poker releases and slots to come from your favorite software providers. Special Holiday Promotions feature large during that time of the season, but there are always bonuses to be had no matter what month we're in. News on big movie stars in the vicinity of any of the large casinos are almost always covered, such as the feature article on stars James Franco, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham of the movie Homefront. Pick up your copy today to get a look at all the goodies – including the best slots to play for fun, and the big winner slots that have the potential to leave you flush with cash.