Coyote Cash Slots

We've played slot games that have taken us into the desert before, and it looks like we've got another one of those here today in Coyote Cash. Is there cash to be had in that desert… or just a meeting with some coyotes? We're going to get some answers as we review this online slot game for you.

Who is the developer?

This one has been around for a few years now and forms part of the big collection of slots developed by RTG (Realtime Gaming).

Does that mean it provides you with a demo game?

Yes, it does, and that's the best way to check it out in detail before finding any real coins to play with.

More about the Coyote Cash theme

We have coyotes, loot bags, and what looks like an armored truck, so we guess the creatures of the desert might be after the cash bags in the back of that truck. Sure, it's an odd theme but it seems to work!

How does the design fare in this game?

It's based on a cartoon approach, and it did make us think of a certain Wily E Coyote, which we guess is intentional. It looks great and is amusing to follow as you play the game.

Here's how to play the Coyote Cash slot game

First off, let's mention the random jackpot that sits atop the game reels. That has a random trigger too, so you must simply hope you get it, and it comes your way, despite the huge odds against that happening.

The coyote is the wild, which makes sense on a couple of levels. One or more of them will double the value of any prize involving the wild. It won't replace the scatter symbol but everything else is fair game. The scatter is the loot bag.

View the payline formatting in the paytable

You'll see them displayed at the bottom of that page, so you can check the 25 available lines and how they're arranged there.

Coyote Cash is a penny slot game

If you're going to cover all 25 lines - and we suggest you do - you can play from a penny per line. The game has one of the biggest ranges for a slot from this developer as well, going up to a maximum of $125 on each spin.

Select help to spot the paytable

It appears in tiny type at the bottom of the screen, so look for it there and make sure you read through it before you play for the first time.

Bonus elements are absent in this slot game

There is no second screen bonus available.

How many free spins can you get?

Coyote Cash asks you for three scattered loot bags to earn some free games, and if you manage to find them, you'll receive a respectable set of 20 free spins. While the free game count doesn't alter if you find four or five triggering loot bags, the free spin multiplier will. This will be 2x for three bags, 3x if you found four bags, and 4x if you got five triggering bags. You can also net more freebies with three or more loot bags, awarded at the same triggering multiplier value you originally had.

RTP details are not provided

You might have figured this out if you've played games from this developer before.

Our rating for the Coyote Cash slot game

This is a solid slot and an entertaining one to play too. It doesn't do anything that unusual, but if you're after a reliable game, this one certainly bags a score of 7/10.

Five coyotes on a line will bag the best prize

Would you believe that this results in a prize worth 10,000x your triggering bet? That's why it's the hardest one to get!

Demo play makes the game easier to understand

It's simple to follow anyway, but this is a good introduction.

Play for real if you like the Coyote Cash theme and idea

And we think you will - just check whether your budget will fit with the bet amounts first.

Look out for this one at mobile casinos too

As an older game from RTG, it may not turn up at all mobile casinos. However, they are revamping many older slots to appeal to a newer audience.