Bubble Bubble Slots

What might you make of the online slot game known as Bubble Bubble? If it sounds familiar, it could be because we have since been treated to a couple of sequels as well. Here, though, we are focusing on the first game of the series, to find out how it began and whether it might indeed lead to any toil or trouble. Spoiler alert - it's entertaining, amusing, and great to play.

Developer info to check out

The name you see might depend on where you live. RTG created the original game, but they've since switched to the Spin Logic Gaming brand in some parts of the world.

Check out the demo before you play the real game

We can always trust this creator to produce a replica of the real game, loaded with demo credits, to help any newcomers figure out how to play. They've done it again with Bubble Bubble.

Bubble Bubble is a huge clue to the theme in play in this game

It is, and you might well guess that it is inspired by witches, their cauldron, and whatever they might be stirring up in there. While you might expect witches to be bad news, you'll get to meet Winni in this one, which means you've got an entertaining slot game to play.

Checking out the game design for Bubble Bubble

We liked this design as it's light and entertaining, just as it should be. Winni looks welcoming, but you'll see plenty of witchy-themed symbols sprinkled around as you play. Look out for bubbling cauldrons, melting candles, potions and spell books, and much more besides.

Let's check out what you'll see if you decide to play Bubble Bubble

The game offers five reels, so there's nothing surprising about that element. It doesn't come with any progressive jackpots either. You can check out the paytable to see all the prizes available during the game.

Winni is a wild, which is excellent to see, although she only lands on the middle reel. That said, she always expands to fill that reel and she gives you a 3x multiplier as well. Her cauldron comes into play as the scatter symbol. Find two or more of those to qualify for a scatter prize.

Fixed paylines appear in Bubble Bubble

And there are 50 in action, which does make it a little more expensive to play for real.

Check the coin values before committing to any wagers

You should always do this, of course, but with a cent as the cheapest available coin, you've got a 50-cent minimum on this game. The top wager per spin is a lot lower than we expected, coming in at $12.50, so it won't suit any high rollers reading this.

Paytable details are crucial before you play

It's always sensible to read through a slot game's paytable before you play the game, even as a demo. You'll see which icons are worth more than others if you manage to land them in a winning combination.

Does Bubble Bubble include a bonus feature?

It doesn't, but don't let that disappoint you because the game does offer three different free spin features to check out.

Three cauldrons reveal some free spin chances

Three cauldrons will lead you to the start of the free spins round… but which round will you play? You can select a cauldron to find the answer.

Great Ghosts offers the largest quantity of spins, with 20 on offer. Bewitched will charm you with seven free games, and the Wild Witches round provides you with nine free games. In each case, you'll spot a few twists to the usual free spin opportunity. This means that if you play for long enough to trigger different rounds, you'll experience something different each time.

Do we know the return to player percentage for Bubble Bubble?

We tried a spell, we checked out our spell book, but no luck… there is no confirmed value for this game.

Our rating goes high for this slot game

In the trusted hands of an excellent developer, the witchy theme is brilliant in this one and they've clearly had a great time with it. We can mark this one as a 9/10 slot game.

How much is the biggest prize worth?

A quick look at the paytable confirms the largest single prize would be 3,000x your bet. However, if you made it through to a free spin round, you could end up with several prizes in your selection of spins.

Demo play introduces you to Winni

She's only part of the deal, of course, but you can expect to find everything you need in the practice version of the game if you have any queries about how it all works.

Could you play this one for real?

It does appeal to those on lower betting budgets but remember that it does have 50 fixed lines to bet on, which does affect the minimum bet size.

Will you go mobile with Bubble Bubble slots?

You can if you wish, as it is available across mobile platforms with touchscreen controls.