Planet of the Apes Slots

Everyone knows about the planet of the apes – a fictional society set in the future. We won’t give away anything about the stories as there are many of them, and you may not have seen them all. However, the classic twist in the original movie still holds as one of the best twists in the movie world. Have you seen it?

Whether you have or not, you now have the chance to play Planet of the Apes in slot game form. With an RTP of around 96.33%, this game has lots to offer, and it has just landed in a slew of casinos offering NetEnt games, so it is ready for you to try out for yourself.

There are two wilds in action, with each one relating to Rise or Wild. Those are the two movies that the game focuses on. As such, there are also two scatters in the game. Each one bears a different ape and either a golden rise trim or a red dawn trim to distinguish it from the other. With a Dual Feature that may unlock prior to any spin, you just never know what is coming next when you decide to play the Planet of the Apes slot game online today.