Lotto Lucky Slots

Lots of people play lotto every week. Maybe you are among them. We’ve played a few slots based on lotto before, but they don’t tend to be very common. This one from Revolver Gaming is better than most, purely because it is unusual. You might be surprised how different it is…

Reels and lines in action in Lotto Lucky

The game features a 3 x 3 matrix when it loads ready for you to play. Don’t assume that means there are three reels though – there are nine! Each spot on the screen is a single-icon reel. See, we told you it was unusual. There are no paylines either. Instead, the pays are awarded as scattered pays.

Coin options

You can play a cent per reel here, so the lowest spin bet works out at just nine cents. The biggest bet is a huge $225, so there should be an ideal bet amount there for everyone to play.

Lotto Lucky icons you should watch out for

Lucky symbols feature in this game, with a different one selected prior to each spin. If you get three or more identical lucky icons in a spin, they lock in place to allow the other reels to spin again.

The lucky symbol will appear in the panel to the right of the reels. You’ll see the choice appear as the main reels stop spinning. All the symbols are based on luck, with white rabbits, four-leaf clover, and pots of gold all making appearances.

Can you expect to play any bonus rounds?

Yes, look out for the Lotto Bonus icon. This is brightly colored with lotto balls featured on it. Three or more will trigger the bonus. The number you find to trigger it also determines the multiplier for your bonus prizes. This will be between 1x for three scatters and 20x for nine.

The bonus takes the form of a lotto draw. Well, you might have guessed that! It is great though, because 10 balls will be shown to you. You must choose half of them to proceed. You could win between five and 25 coins per ball, or multipliers of between x2 and x5. Remember, your triggering multiplier will come into play too when calculating how much you win from this feature.

Download or try the instant play version of Lotto Lucky today!

If you want a different slot to play, this is the one. Will you be Lotto Lucky today?