Join the Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise Slots
Now this title points to a game that could be incredibly exciting for you to play. Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise promises some superb prizes if you’re lucky, and the game gives you some pointers on how to play and what might happen when you get started.

We had a go at this online slot to see what it had to deliver.

How many reels and paylines does Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise have?

The game offers up 15 paylines, making it quite easy to cover every single line if you want to. It does however have the usual five-reel layout. They also give you a chance to play one coin per line, or all the way up to five per line.

What could you expect to wager on each line you play?

Low-budget players will like this game, as the lowest bet per coin is a mere one cent. You can go up to a dollar per coin if you wish though.

Does Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise have any special symbols?

Yes, the bus is a wild symbol. It doubles a payout if you manage to get one in the winning line. Watch out for the ship too, as three or more of these will unlock the bonus round. There are various other symbols in play, all of which have different win amounts attached to them. Five bus symbols brings the highest prize of 5,000 coins.

Will you have an opportunity to play a bonus round?

You will. This is called the Destination Wheel and it can be pretty exciting. You have a chance to go to Greece, Alaska or the Caribbean, according to the terms of the slot and the round. Once you reach the end of the round you will collect your prize.

One of the more unusual things about this game is that there is a separate slot game for each destination you could pick. So you either get credits, or the chance to ‘visit’ one of those locations on the reels. It makes a standard slot game a little more unusual!

Download and play Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise slots online today!

This is a 2D slot game, so it doesn’t quite have the same attraction as the 3D slot games have. However, there is plenty to keep you entertained, and the bonus round definitely keeps the interest going. Why not check out Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise today?