Progressive Jackpots - Play safely at Drake Casino

We all do, and rightly so, have concerns about the terrible stories we here regarding our online security. It is an issue for every internet user. Even though most of us will use the latest technology that keeps us safe from spyware, malware, and viruses, there is always a nagging doubt when we are entering our personal details or downloading an application. This doubt does to a certain extent prevent a lot of people doing what the really want to do online and many of us are dependent on the internet to carry out daily tasks. Using the internet for entertainment purposes is extremely important for a huge amount of internet users that prefer the comfort of our own home. For many of us our computer, laptop or smartphone is the new television and it's the first thing we switch on when we arrive home. Online security and the whole issue of downloading is a problem for many online casino players as most casinos will require a download for you to play the games you enjoy. This is especially true when it comes to playing for the larger jackpots that progressive slots offer. However, this is not the case a new Drake casino, where no download is required and the ultra secure flash technology makes it extremely safe to play these progressive slots here. There is a number of these to choose from with different themes and all with no download.

There is a total of sixteen progressive slots for you to choose from, each of them will offer you a little something different, and more importantly, for those of you out there that are looking for the big win, they all have those huge, life changing jackpots. There are some great, well-made progressives at Drake Casino, all of which have great graphics, sound effects, and smooth gameplay. They are modern and give the online slots player all that they need. With titles such as Mr. Vegas, where you get to play the high-rolling big shot on the strip and Aztec Treasure, a popularly themed slot in which you whizz around the jungle searching for that elusive Inca treasure. Tycoons are such a fun game to play, as whilst you try to become super rich you get to play at being super rich. This game has great features and offers lots of entertainment to keep you busy as you try and hit that jackpot. There are a lot to choose from and it's best to check them out for yourself and find one that you like the look and feel of. They all offer those great jackpots, so have fun whilst you go for it. For more information on your all important online security and progressive slots, or indeed anything else regarding Drake Casino, the friendly support staff is more than willing to help. Please visit Drake casino for more information.