Are Fruit-Themed Slots Disappearing?

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If we asked you to name one of the most popular symbols to appear in any slot game, we wonder which one you would choose. Cherries must surely be among them, as they appear in so many different games. But fruit as a category is hugely popular too.

So, are fruity slots still around in huge numbers or are we experiencing a decline in this slot theme? After all, it has been around since the earliest days of slots. Let's try and find some answers.

Classic fruit machine slots are still very popular

Modern slots are packed with numerous features that are far removed from the original one-armed bandit that introduced fruity themes to players. However, there is still plenty of room for players to enjoy online versions of classic fruit machines.

There are lots of classic games around for starters, but even now, some developers are still coming up with classic fruit-themed slot machines. Many of these adopt the familiar three-reel format. However, some will have one or two twists that set them apart from regular games that never have special features. This makes them more interesting to play.

Some software developers have incorporated fruit into larger games

How many five-reel slots have you seen with fruit as a theme? Fruit Zen is one of the most modern examples of how good this theme can be when it is given a new twist.

While there are uninspired fruit-themed slots out there, some based on three reels and some based on five, there are more than enough entertaining ones to redress the balance.

Expect new and improved fruit-themed slots coming soon

We cannot see an end to fruity games in the world of slots. Some players will always flock to these games because they recall the days of classic one-armed bandits. Others will find one or two fruity games that are different from the rest. When you get wilds with multiplier values involved, things can begin to get very interesting!

Whatever you think of fruit-themed slot games, we think there will be some online today that you might well enjoy playing. If you ever get tired of your usual favorites, try a few fruit games to see whether you can find anything you like. Fruit Zen is a great place to start, but it is still just one game of many. You might be surprised at what you find.