Mission 2 Game Slots Bonuses

Mission 2 Game Casino is am easily-recognizable online gaming spot that has so many slots, you won't know where to stop or where to end. With two dazzling superheroes on the front page, wearing suits reminiscent of the very cards themselves, it invites you into its fantastic library of games without reserve. It's common knowledge that Slots are some of the most popular online casino games - especially for newcomers who don't quite have a handle on Table Games like Roulette and Multiple Hands of Poker. With this understanding, Mission 2 Game has several dazzling Promotions that are geared specifically towards Slots.

The most attractive is the huge $3000 Slots Bonus. Just imagine downloading the Soft Magic Dice software, creating an account at Mission 2 Game, and being eligible for an extra three grand to roll the night away on your favorite Slots! It just takes three deposits to rack up the hefty sum, with the breakdown as follows: Your initial deposit is eligible for a 444 percent Match Bonus to start things off right. Then, your very next deposit can garner a 333 percent Match Bonus to keep you hooked and your deposit account full. The very last deposit comes with a bank-breaking (the House's bank!) 555 percent deposit. The Bonus Code is right there on the Mission 2 Game website - so head over there now and take advantage of the Slots Bonus.

There's another Bonus that can be applied to Slots - as well as to any other game: the High Roller Bonus. This one rewards players who show a commitment to Mission 2 Game, and amounts to a 100 percent Match Bonus if you put anywhere from $500 to $1000 in the pot on your first deposit. The Bonus Code for this one is also on the Mission 2 Game website. You'll be playing the best Slots the Web has to offer in no time flat once you get there - and it many of the games won't even be played with your own money.