Starburst Slots

You won't find this game at every online casino, but you will certainly find it at plenty of them. Starburst has proven to be a huge success since its release a few years back. Released by NetEnt, it may not be the most complex game out there, but that could be one of the secrets to its success.

We've discovered some of the reasons why Starburst is such a big hit. Do you agree with our assessment?

It appeals to a large audience

The graphics look amazing, even though most of the symbols are nothing more than gems in different shapes and colors. There are just 10 lines over the five reels as well. That makes it affordable to play with even a small budget.

The most common symbol of all - a wild symbol that can replace others in the game - appears in Starburst too. Every player loves a wild, and here it is an expanding wild on the middle three reels. That's appealing as it enhances your winning options.

It's easy to play

There are no complex rules involved in this slot. No detailed bonuses, no complicated spin rules to read, nothing of that sort at all. While some players like complex slots to play, this doesn't apply to everyone. Starburst is just involved enough to ensure it isn't boring, while being very easy to understand. There should be no delay in starting to play once the game has loaded.

There are some superb features involved

One thing you will spot here is the reduced number of icons that could appear in a spin. That means there are fewer combinations that might hit, and more chance of winning combinations appearing more frequently.

While there are 10 paylines involved here, you can also score some wins if certain blocks of identical icons appear in certain places. So, that gives you yet another way to win, and something else to look for as well.

We mentioned that wild appearing before. Well, there is another feature associated with it along with the expanding element. If it appears, it will expand and trigger a free respin. That means the wild reel remains in play while the remaining ones go through the respin.

You can probably see why this game is popular. Try it now and it might become a favorite for you too once you've had a few spins.