Haunted House Slots

Any mention of haunted houses and people either run for the hills or plan to spend the night in them. Many people dress up their houses for Halloween too, so finding a slot called Haunted House is hardly a surprise, especially at this time of year.

Playtech has created a simple slot around this theme and done a nice job of it too. Will it frighten you away or draw you in to find out more?

How many reels and lines can you expect?

Even though this slot only has three reels in play, it does offer you five lines to bet on.

Accessible coins to use in the game

There is a nice range of coins to use here, going from just one cent per line up to five dollars. You cannot wager more than a single coin on each payline though.

Haunted House special symbols

Garlic wards off vampires, or so they say. It draws in jackpots too, apparently. The garlic must appear three times on a paid line to award a jackpot. There is a different prize attached to each payline, with the highest prize of 1,800 coins appearing on line five. That's why it makes sense to choose a cheaper coin to place on all five lines, rather than betting on fewer lines.

Only one or two garlics on a line will win a prize too. There is no wild involved in the Haunted House slot, so you must watch for the garlic above all else. There are other scary Halloween-themed icons appearing here as well. Watch out for a witch, a bat, and other freaky icons!

Bonus features to watch for

While a few three-reel games do manage to slot in a bonus feature, this isn't one of them. You have a basic game here with more paylines than usual, and a differing number of jackpots available for different lines. That's about it.

Download and play Haunted House slots today

We like the Haunted House slot game from Playtech, even though it ranks as one of their more basic slots in many ways. If you are looking to play for a short while and you want a horror-themed slot to play, this is the one we think you might enjoy. Make sure you keep an eye out for that garlic… it could be the best thing you've ever seen.